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Lemon & Blueberry Cake

Spring into action with our limited-edition cake

Spring is officially here (at last)! Now that the clocks have gone forward, we are reaping the benefits of longer days, which means more sunlight. Both can contribute to us all feeling happier, and our general well-being becomes better overall as we benefit from increased exposure to more vitamin D.

It’s a great time of year, we know we have 6 months of light to look forward to, so it’s great to start planning some activities to get stuck into. When there’s a break in the April showers it’s a great opportunity to get outside and go for a nice walk and perhaps have a picnic together. Or, if you have some Spring birthdays coming up, you might want to start planning something a bit more exciting for the birthday person.

We have just the cake for Spring and Summer, to put a spring in your step if you will. The fresh flavours in this cake will make your tastebuds sing. It’s a classic combination that you would traditionally find in a muffin, but we wanted more, so we turned it into a cake!

Our Lemon and Blueberry cake is a luscious lemon sponge infused with natural lemon flavours and studded with whole blueberries throughout the sponge cake layer. We mix powdered blueberries with our buttercream to create the vibrant, yet creamy, blueberry buttercream that runs between the cake layers. More buttercream is slathered across the top layer of the cake, which is finished with a delicious and beautiful white chocolate lattice.

And it’s also available as a gluten free cake.

Cutting the cake may cause blueberry juice to seep into the sponge layers; much like a blueberry muffin, this can cause a blue/green discolouration in the sponge. However, this is just the natural colour of the blueberry juice mixing with the colour of the lemon sponge, it is still perfectly fine to eat and the cake will be fine up to 7 days from the date of dispatch.

This cake is great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and much more. Add extras to your order for whatever special occasion it is for, such as balloons, greeting cards, drinks, gift wraps, and candles!

Sponge offer next day delivery on our cakes all over the UK, when you order by 3pm. So, if you can’t be with a loved one on a special occasion, want a delicious birthday cake delivered to your door, or have a cake emergency, we will ensure that your cakes are delivered safely and securely straight to your front door. Our Sponge cake delivery service is second to none with our robustly designed packaging that keeps your order safe in transit.

Placing your order couldn’t be more straightforward, just place your lemon and blueberry cake order online on our website and get cakes posted to the door. You can select the delivery date from our handy calendar, whether you need your order for next day delivery, or want to place your order in advance, the choice is yours! Our calendar allows you to place your order as far in advance as you would like, so you can pick a delivery date that is convenient for you. Just sit back and wait for your delicious desserts to be delivered.

If you’re ordering a cake for a special occasion, we recommend selecting the delivery date for a day or two before you require your order to make sure it is there in plenty of time. This is in case there are problems with the delivery (breakdowns, exceptional circumstances, or events). Our lemon and blueberry cakes have a 7 day life from the date of dispatch, depending on the flavour, so even if they arrive a day or two early, they will still be fresh and delicious on your special occasion.