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Raspberry Cake Day 2022

A day to appreciate and eat a Raspberry Cake

Raspberries are lovely fruits that many of us enjoy, the berry has a mild sweetness but it can also be sharp which is great for cutting through other sweetness to create a lovely eating experience and a well-balanced treat. We think that’s why Raspberries work so well in cakes, whether it’s fresh raspberries which can make a cake moister, to freeze-dried raspberries which can give you a zingy burst of raspberry flavour. You can also add raspberries in powder form which can introduce that raspberry flavour and bring in some of the raspberry colour to the cake too.

And raspberry pairs with quite a few different flavours, so if you want to make your own it may be fun to experiment and find out what your favourite combination is. Or, if you don’t have time to faff about baking, or don’t have the skills, you can still enjoy a delicious raspberry cake on Raspberry Cake Day on the 31st of July 2022, by ordering one from Sponge.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake

Our new summer special is here and what a treat it is! One of our favourite flavour combinations - white chocolate and raspberries. Perfect for summer it's light, fruity, and a little bit decadent with the lashings of white chocolate on top! A lovely dessert for summer evenings, BBQs, and parties.

The deliciously light and fruity sponge is made from free range eggs, flour, white chocolate pieces, raspberry pieces and raspberry flavouring. In the middle and on top you will find a raspberry buttercream with a white chocolate drizzle and raspberry pieces to finish.

Don’t worry if you can’t eat gluten, we have a gluten free raspberry and white chocolate cake available too.

Our sponge cakes are packaged in secure and robust packaging. The inner box is wrapped around the cake to securely hold it in place so the sides and top do not get damaged in transit. The box also includes a handy cutting guide! It is then put in a strong cardboard outer box for extra protection so it will arrive to you safely.

Raspberry Cake Letterbox Gifts

If you know someone who loves raspberries or adores raspberry cake then you can send them a lovely letterbox gift with a slice or two of raspberry cake inside. Our Cake Cards are the perfect letterbox gift to send to a loved one, you get to choose a greetings card design that suits your loved one and then you can add a slice or two of cake inside the card with some added extras to create a lovely letterbox present.

And we have a delicious raspberry-based cake slice to send in your cake cards:

Our summer special slice is here - Raspberry and White Chocolate! A raspberry flavoured sponge with white chocolate chunks and raspberry pieces baked into it. It is then sandwiched together and topped with a fruity and delicious raspberry buttercream and topped with white chocolate drizzle and more raspberry pieces. The perfect flavour combination and it’s also available as a gluten free cake slice too.