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Bridal Shower Cakes

Cakes to make the soon to be bride smile

Just the thought of being a bride is an exciting one for many people. The idea of marrying the person you love, standing up before your friends and family, and making a commitment to one another is just wonderful. And once you get engaged it’s all the more exciting, nerve wracking, and special.

One tradition many experience is a bridal shower. This is an event held during the daytime in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage, and traditionally it’s an opportunity for guests to give the bridge gifts for their new home with their fiancé. It’s a lovely experience for all that attend as there’s always food and drinks on offer, some opt for a buffet, and others go more towards an afternoon tea, but whatever the options are, everyone has a wonderful time.

If you’re organising a bridal shower for someone, cakes are usually a welcome addition to the party. Some people get extravagant cakes for bridal showers, which can be expensive, but you can still get delicious and beautiful cakes for bridal showers when you are working to a tight budget.

We have a range of cakes that are affordable for any budget, and a variety of options to suit any size of party:

Bridal Shower Photo Cakes

Our Photo Cakes are the perfect centrepiece for a bridal shower! You can get creative and upload your own photo and add personalised text, or choose from one of our fun pre-designed toppers! We've got something for everyone to suit all occasions. How creative will you get?

We have two yummy Sponge Cake flavours available to choose from - our Chocolate Photo Cake or our Victoria Sponge Photo Cake. Both are available in two sizes: for 8 or for 16 (with very generous portions!). Perfect for small or bridal shower gatherings.

The toppers are printed using edible ink on to an icing disc which will then be cut out and carefully placed and secured on top of your cake. Your cake will then be securely packaged to arrive at your chosen delivery address.

Baby Sponge Cakes

Cute baby versions of our whole sponge cakes - these mini cakes are the perfect size to have with a cuppa. We have over 15 flavours to choose from including gluten free and some limited-edition flavours too. Available in packs of 4, 8, 16, 40, 80 or 120. Our packs of 4 and 8 are gift wrapped for gifting, and our larger packs of 16, 40, 80, and 120 are for parties and arrive in their individual boxes unwrapped.

With all of the flavors available in our choose your own baby sponge option you can create your perfect bridal shower cake selection. Cake flavours available include; Apple Crumble, Victoria, Chocolate, Carrot, Chocolate Orange, Coffee, Lemon, Red Velvet, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Gluten and Dairy Free Elizabeth, Gluten Free Victoria, Gluten Free Chocolate, Gluten Free Apple Crumble and Gluten Free Carrot.

Our baby sponge cakes are packaged in secure and robust packaging. The inner box holds the individually boxed baby sponge cakes securely so they do not get damaged in transit. It is then put in a strong cardboard outer box for extra protection so it will arrive to you safely.

There are just our suggestions for bridal shower cakes – we have lots of other cake options available online for delivery across the UK.