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Sharing Cakes

Discover more about our sharing cake options!

Figuring out what cake to buy can be an almost impossible task sometimes! Especially when there are so many flavours to choose from. And if you’re buying for someone else, it can get a little tricky if you can’t remember their favourite cake, or if there are lots of people coming to celebrate you want to make sure everyone can enjoy a slice. Perhaps you just want to try a little of everything to figure out what your favourite flavour is.

There are many reasons why it might be difficult to settle on one flavour of cake. Especially at Sponge Cakes Ltd with so many flavours to choose from. That’s why we wanted to find a solution to the dilemma, and how our sharing cakes came to be. We took the struggle of choosing just one cake away. Here is more information about the sharing cake options we have available.

Four Sharing Cakes

Our Four Sharing Cakes are perfect for feeding a group where everyone likes different flavours or if you want to sample a few of our flavours in one cake! Choose between a Traditional, Quirky, or Gluten Free Four Sharing Cake.

Traditional Four Sharing Cake – Our Traditional Four Sharing Cake contains four wedges each of our traditional flavours - Victoria, Chocolate, Coffee and Lemon Cakes. Perfect for a gathering where everyone has a different favourite flavour!

Quirky Four Sharing Cake – Our Quirky 4 Sharing Sponge contains four wedges each of our delicious Apple Crumble, Bakewell, Chocolate & Orange, and Carrot Cakes. Perfect for those that like something a bit different from the norm and can't decide which flavour to go for!

Gluten Free Four Sharing Cake – Our Gluten Free Four Sharing Sponge contains four wedges each of our popular Victoria, Chocolate, Carrot and Apple Crumble Gluten Free Cakes. Perfect when you can't decide which flavour to pick or want to try them all!

Super Sharing Cake

Our Super Sharing Cake has fourteen different flavoured wedges and makes a stunning centrepiece for a party or event. Try all our most popular cake flavours in one go!

Super Sharing Cake – Our Super Sharing Sponge has one wedge of each of our most popular flavours - Carrot, Bakewell, Chocolate, Victoria, Lemon, Coffee, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Sticky Toffee, Rocky Road, Millionaires, Apple Crumble, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate & Caramel.

Sharing Brownies

Try our Sharing Brownie! The ultimate brownie sharing box! Four of our scrumptious and gooey brownies flavours in one - Triple Chocolate, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Hazelnut Praline Brownies. Each brownie flavour wedge cuts in to two generous portions serving 8 in total. Perfect as a dessert, an alternative to a birthday cake or as a treat for the family!

All of our Sharing cakes and sharing brownies can be delivered straight to the door in the UK, all you need to do is buy a sharing cake online on our website, pop in the delivery details, and we’ll deliver your cake safely and securely to its destination.