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Son and Daughter Day gifts

Spoil your children on Son and Daughter Day with a delicious gift!

Aren’t children wonderful (most of the time!)? If you have a son and/or daughter, you know how special the bond with them can be. Sure, there are times they test us to the limit, but then there are other times when they are the most wonderful human beings in the world. We love to spoil children whether it’s their birthday, or another occasion, and there’s another day to celebrate them! It’s Son and Daughter Day on the 11th August, so why not buy them a yummy gift to make them smile.

Here are some of the delicious treats that you can give to your son or daughter:

Whole Cakes

A big cake means big smiles! Who wouldn’t want to receive a wonderful cake delivered to them? Here are a few of the options available:

Strawberries & Cream Cake – A double-layered summer beauty! A fluffy and soft vanilla sponge sandwiched together with sweet strawberry buttercream and drizzled with white chocolate on top. Enjoy with a glass of fizz on a hot sunny day or pair with a warming cuppa for those drizzly English summer days!

Biscoff Cake – A comforting and warming sponge with a deep caramel flavour and hints of cinnamon and other spices. The sponge is held together with a thick layer of buttercream which is infused with biscoff - a caramelised biscuit spread. More of the biscoff buttercream is spread over the top and then covered with a generous biscoff crumb. This Speculoos Biscoff Cake is not one to be missed!

Rocky Road Cake – A rocky road cake with a marbled chocolate sponge, chocolate butter cream, marshmallows and crispy pearls. Naturally flavoured vanilla sponge and delicious chocolate sponge are swirled together creating an indulgent marbled sponge. English butter and chocolate create a smooth buttercream, with marshmallows and crispy chocolate pearls on top.

Millionaires Cake – Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring and free range eggs and the other half is made with indulgent chocolate. Caramel and natural toffee flavouring create a luxurious buttercream. Pretty drizzled milk and white chocolate on the top.

There are lots of other flavours available, and there are gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, and vegan cake available too.


Triple Chocolate Brownie - Our classic Triple Chocolate Brownie is gloriously gooey in the middle with melted triple chocolate chunks running throughout. It is encased with a crunchy top and decorated with a triple chocolate drizzle. Pure. Chocolate. Heaven.

Chocolate Orange Brownie - A classic and well-loved combination of chocolate and orange make this brownie truly tempting! A gooey chocolate orange flavoured brownie with orange chocolate chunks dotted through the middle. Topped with a pretty white chocolate, dark chocolate, and orange chocolate drizzle effect. The ultimate brownie for any Terry's Chocolate Orange lovers out there...

Hazelnut Praline Brownie - This decadent and creamy Hazelnut Praline brownie is a nutella lover's dream! The rich and gooey chocolate brownie has hazelnut praline and roasted hazelnut pieces running through it. It is then topped with more hazelnut pieces and spun in deliciously dark chocolate.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie - Our luxurious White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies are the perfect blend of gooey rich chocolate, sharp raspberries, and sweet white chocolate. Raspberry pieces and white chocolate chunks run through the middle, and on the top is a pretty raspberry and white chocolate drizzle with a sprinkling of delicious raspberry pieces. Yum.

Speculoos Biscoff Brownie - Our limited edition Speculoos Brownie is full of sugar and spice and all things nice! A delicious chocolate brownie - gloriously gooey in the middle with melted triple chocolate chunks running throughout, topped with a generous layer of biscoff spread and then covered with a crunchy biscoff crumb. Chocolate and biscoff work perfectly together giving the chocolate brownies a dark caramel flavour with hints of cinnamon and other spices. Pure bliss.

Four Sharing Brownie - The ultimate brownie sharing box! Four of our scrumptious and gooey brownies flavours in one - Triple Chocolate, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, and Hazelnut Praline Brownies. Each brownie flavour wedge cuts into two generous portions serving 8 in total. Perfect as a dessert, an alternative to a birthday cake, or as a treat for the family!

And don’t worry if your son or daughter requires a gluten free brownie or vegan brownie, we have a select of those too!

Cake Cards

If you want to send your daughter or your son a small gift for Son and Daughter Day then our Cake Cards are ideal. We have lots of card designs to choose from that we’re sure they’ll love. Once you’ve found the perfect card design you can add a slice or two of yummy cake, plus some extra goodies to create a wonderful letterbox gift.

Our Cake Cards start from just £8.50 for a single slice Cake Card, or £10.50 for a double slice Cake Card. And these are such great gifts as they can be delivered straight through the letterbox, so there’s no need to wait in for a delivery driver!