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Gifts for New Home Owners

Send them a gift to help them settle in.

Moving home is stressful. The lead-up can often be lengthy, with a lot of uncertainty, and when you’re new to buying a property, you don’t know what to expect. But, when you finally get the keys to your new home in your hand, you can finally start the process of moving your belongings in and making that house your home.

If your friends or family members have just taken that step, you know once they get in their house there’s still a lot of organising, and unpacking to do! So, they’ll need a pick-me-up to give them a boost and keep them going. If you’re thinking of sending them a gift, we have some great options to choose from that will help give them an energy boost, and that are a great way to congratulate them on their big move.

Whole Cakes

We have a wonderful range of whole cakes that would be perfect to send to someone who has just moved into their new home. We have lots of flavours to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one they’ll enjoy. Here are a few of the flavours available:

Lemon and Elderflower Cake – A pretty Lemon And Elderflower cake perfect for garden gatherings, BBQs, and picnics! Lemons, flour, and free range eggs create a wonderfully zesty and light sponge. Elderflower cordial is whipped into the buttercream to create a wonderfully thick filling. Decorated on top with more buttercream and little yellow and green flowers.

Chocolate & Caramel Cake – This yummy sponge cake is flavoured with chocolate and caramel creating a marbled effect. It is sandwiched together with a generous double layer of buttercream - chocolate buttercream on the bottom and caramel buttercream on top. It is finished off with more chocolate buttercream on top, a gorgeous drizzle of chocolate, and a sprinkle of crushed salted butter pieces.

Victoria Sponge Cake – A Victoria sponge cake with a light fluffy vanilla sponge, raspberry jam, and vanilla buttercream. Free range eggs, flour, and natural vanilla flavouring create our award-winning light and fluffy Victoria Sponge. The buttercream is made from English butter and natural vanilla flavouring which is complemented perfectly with quality raspberry jam.

Coffee Cake – Our Coffee Cake has an indulgent coffee infused sponge, creamy coffee buttercream and yummy chocolate coffee beans on top. The sponge is made with quality coffee and free range eggs creating a velvety and light coffee flavoured cake. Coffee is also whipped in to the buttercream and delicious chocolate coffee beans sit on top. A coffee lovers dream...

Speculoos Bicoff Cake – This limited edition Belgian-style biscoff cake is full of sugar and spice and all things nice! A comforting and warming sponge with a deep caramel flavour and hints of cinnamon and other spices. The sponge is held together with a thick layer of buttercream which is infused with biscoff - a caramelised biscuit spread. More of the biscoff buttercream is spread over the top and then covered with a generous biscoff crumb. This Speculoos Biscoff Cake is not one to be missed!

There are lots of options to choose from including gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, and vegan cakes.

Baby Sponge Cakes

Cute baby versions of our whole sponge cakes - these mini cakes are the perfect size to have with a cuppa. We have over 15 flavours to choose from including gluten free flavours, vegan flavours, and some limited-edition flavours too. Available in packs of 4, 8, 16, 40, 80 or 120. Our packs of 4 and 8 are gift wrapped for gifting, and our larger packs of 16, 40, 80 and 120 are for parties and arrive unwrapped in boxes.

Celebration Box

Our celebration packs come with two different drinks options - a mini bottle of Prosecco or two cans of Belvoir sparkling water - raspberry lemonade and elderflower presse. Inside the box you also get four baby sponge cakes with a choice of traditional, quirky, gluten free, or vegan flavours. Four party poppers, two balloons, two paper party hats, and a personalised greetings card.

Cake Cards

Our cards are a great alternative to traditional cards, as you can include a slice or two of yummy cake inside the card, along with some fabulous added extras. We have lots of card designs to choose from including new home cards. You can also write your own personalised message inside the card in a font of your choice from our font options.

All of our gift options are available for delivery across the UK, so wherever they are settling down in their new home, you’ll be able to have a delicious treat and congratulatory gift set straight to their door.