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Vegetarian Cake Gifts

Find a wonderfully tasty cake too send as a gift

Are you looking for a great gift for someone who is vegetarian? Whether you are looking for a great gift to send to a friend, family member, or loved one you’ll be able to find a delicious tasty treat to send straight to their door. We have lots of goodies that make great presents to send for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or to send just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Here are some of our tasty bakes that make ideal gifts to send:

Whole Cakes

We have a great range of whole cakes to send to someone you care about, we have plenty of flavours to choose from. Here is a selection of the cakes available:

Chocolate & Caramel Cake – This yummy sponge cake is flavoured with chocolate and caramel creating a marbled effect. It is sandwiched together with a generous double layer of buttercream - chocolate buttercream on the bottom and caramel buttercream on top. It is finished off with more chocolate buttercream on top, a gorgeous drizzle of chocolate, and a sprinkle of crushed salted butter pieces.

Victoria Sponge Cake – A classic family favourite. Free range eggs, flour and natural vanilla flavouring creates our award-winning light and fluffy Victoria Sponge. The buttercream is made from English butter and natural vanilla flavouring which is complemented perfectly with quality raspberry jam.

Lemon Drizzle Cake – The sponge is infused with natural lemon oil and made with free range eggs to create a light and fluffy citrus cake. Natural lemon oil is also used in the buttercream and white chocolate is drizzled on top.

Chocolate Cake – A rich and indulgent chocolate cake. Luxurious and rich chocolate, flour and free range eggs create a moist and indulgent Sponge. English butter and chocolate create the ultimate chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate flakes decorate the top. A chocaholics dream!

These are just a few of the delicious cakes available, there are so many to choose from. We also have gluten free cakes and vegan cakes available so there is something for everyone at sponge!

Baby Sponges

Our baby sponges create great gift packages, you can mix and match the baby sponge flavours to create the perfect present to send to someone. Cute baby versions of our whole sponge cakes - these mini cakes are the perfect size to have with a cuppa. We have over 15 flavours to choose from including gluten free and some limited-edition flavours too. Available in packs of 4, 8, 16, 40, 80 or 120. Our packs of 4 and 8 are gift wrapped for gifting, and our larger packs of 16, 40, 80 and 120 are for parties and arrive unwrapped in boxes.


Brownies are a great thing to send, especially if you know a chocoholic. We have plenty of brownie flavours to choose from:

Triple Chocolate Brownie – Our classic Triple Chocolate Brownie is gloriously gooey in the middle with melted triple chocolate chunks running throughout. It is encased with a crunchy top and decorated with a triple chocolate drizzle. Pure. Chocolate. Heaven.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie – Our luxurious White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies are the perfect blend of gooey rich chocolate, sharp raspberries and sweet white chocolate. Raspberry pieces and white chocolate chunks run through the middle, and on the top is a pretty raspberry and white chocolate drizzle with a sprinkling of delicious raspberry pieces. Yum.

Hazelnut Praline Brownie – This decadent and creamy Hazelnut Praline brownie is a nutella lover's dream! The rich and gooey chocolate brownie has hazelnut praline and roasted hazelnut pieces running through it. It is then topped with more hazelnut pieces and spun in deliciously dark chocolate.

Speculoos Brownie – Our limited edition Speculoos Brownie is full of sugar and spice and all things nice! A delicious chocolate brownie - gloriously gooey in the middle with melted triple chocolate chunks running throughout, topped with a generous layer of biscoff spread and then covered with a crunchy biscoff crumb. Chocolate and biscoff work perfectly together giving the chocolate brownies a dark caramel flavour with hints of cinnamon and other spices. Pure bliss.

4 Sharing Brownie – The ultimate brownie sharing box! Four of our scrumptious and gooey brownies flavours in one - Triple Chocolate, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Hazelnut Praline Brownies. Each brownie flavour wedge cuts in to two generous portions serving 8 in total. Perfect as a dessert, an alternative to a birthday cake or as a treat for the family!

As you can tell we have lots of delicious brownie flavours to choose from, we also have gluten free brownies and vegan brownies available.

Cake Cards

If you are looking for a vegetarian letterbox gift to send to your loved ones then our Cake Cards are the ideal choice. We have lots of cards to choose from, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, sending well wishes, and lots of other occasions. Inside the card you can add a slice or two of cake, much like our whole cakes there are lots of flavours to choose from, with standard cake slices, gluten free cake slices, and vegan cake slices available. You can even include lots of other goodies inside the card to create the perfect letterbox gift for your love one.

If you want to make sure that the goodies are suitable for your requirements, we list the ingredients of our products on their individual pages. For instance, if you go to one of our whole cakes page, such as our chocolate sponge cake, in the top right corner of the page there is a drop-down menu, above that is a link called ‘ingredients & allergens'. When you click on the link the ingredients included in the cake will appear so you are able to check to make sure that it is suitable for you or your recipient.