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Vegan Brownies Reviews

We’ve received some great feedback for our Vegan Brownies

We launched our vegan brownies for Veganuary in January 2021, and we wanted to find out what people actually thought about them, some unbiased opinions to give us some genuine feedback. As you may know it’s not been that long since we started our brownie adventure, and since then we wanted to make sure that we have a brownie to suit everyone’s needs.

With our vegan products, we want to make sure that they are just as delicious as our standard range. When we have tried vegan products in the past, they have often left us feeling a little disappointed, usually quite dry and crumbly. It’s always a challenge to make sure there’s the right balance of ingredients that are suitable for vegans, but we are confident we have found a good balance to create a delicious brownie. So, we put that to the test, we sent out some vegan brownies to some of our contacts to get their opinion and we got some really good feedback:

‘I thought the flavours were all there and liked the little chocolate chunks too. They melted when you heated it up too.’

‘Really good! We’re going to have it warm later which I’m excited about!’

‘We both loved it. Like the packaging states it’s a totally different brownie warmed up. I’m going to have some with custard later!’

‘Brownie was fine just a little dry. Texture was almost right just needs to be a little more fudge like’

‘It’s amazing. We had it as it is but I’m going to warm some up tomorrow and try some with ice cream too! I found it to be mouth-wateringly soft in the middle and the chocolate flavour is heavenly.’

‘I wasn’t expecting such a huge brownie! It’s delicious too! For me personally a bit too sweet, so I can only eat a little bit at a time, but then I prefer brownies a bit less rich so it’s just personal preference I suppose! My husband also tried it and loved it.’

’They are lovely. Definitely best heated up. I tried a bit at room temp but it’s way nicer actually warm.’

‘It’s lush!! The chocolatey smell when you open the box is amazing. When I spotted it was gluten free as well, I was thinking it might turn out to be really dry as gf stuff sometimes is, but my other half and I both loved it. We both had extra helpings last night and are having the rest later. Suitably chocolatey and gooey for sure!'

As you can see from the feedback the majority of our taste testers really loved the brownies. As with all of our products, our brownies should be at room temperature (23c), which can be a bit of a challenge during the colder months, it is best to leave them somewhere warm and cosy to come up to temperature. Our other suggestion for serving is to warm up a wedge of brownie, this can be done by popping it in the microwave for a short time, and serve it with some vegan ice-cream or vegan custard.

We can deliver our vegan brownies all over the UK - simply order brownies online via our website and pick a delivery date. Our brownie delivery service is second to none and we will ensure your brownie is delivered safely and securely straight to your front door.

We offer next day delivery on our brownies if you order by 2pm (subject to availiability) or you can pick the delivery date you would like via our delivery calendar as you go through the checkout. Whether you want to send a vegan brownie to a friend or get one delivered to enjoy at home we will make sure you are kept up to date with your brownie order with regular email notifications.