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Easter Cakes

Get a wonderful treat for Easter Sunday

Easter is coming around quickly this year, on Sunday 4th April 2021. So, you’re probably getting prepared for a fun weekend of activities or just to spend some time relaxing. If you’re looking for a lovely cake to enjoy on Easter Sunday, or to send to a loved one then you should check out our Easter Specials.

Easter Chocolate Sponge

Our Limited-Edition Chocolate Easter Cake is perfect as the centrepiece for your Easter Sunday or makes a lovely Easter present to send to friends and family. It is luxurious and rich with a moist and indulgent sponge and a wonderfully thick layer of chocolate buttercream in the middle! On top you will find creamy white chocolate icing with a smattering of delicious milk chocolate flakes. Topped with yummy chocolate mini's a chocaholics dream!

Gluten Free Easter Chocolate Sponge

This Limited-Edition Gluten Free Chocolate Easter Cake is perfect to enjoy on Easter Sunday or makes a lovely Easter present to send to someone you love. Luxurious and rich chocolate, gluten free flour and free-range eggs create a moist and indulgent gluten free Sponge. English butter and chocolate create a delicious chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate flakes and mini eggs decorate the top.

Add some extra goodies with your Easter Cakes to create a wonderful package gift for yourself or to send to your loved ones. We have lots of goodies to add including alcoholic beverages such as Prosecco, gin and tonic, Brewdog punk IPA, and more. There are also non-alcoholic options including Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade, and tea and coffee sachets. If you want to create a great Easter Birthday Cake package you and even include candles and gift wrap.

Looking for Easter cake delivery near me? We deliver our Easter cakes all over the UK - simply order cakes online via our website and pick a delivery date. Our sponge cake delivery is second to none and we will ensure your occasion or birthday cake is delivered safely and securely straight to your front door.

We offer next day delivery on our sponge cakes if you order by 2pm (subject to availability) or you can pick the delivery date you would like via our delivery calendar as you go through the checkout. Whether you want to send a sponge cake to a friend or get one delivered to enjoy at home we will make sure you are kept up to date with your cake order with regular email notifications.