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Get Well Soon Cake Cards

Send a get well soon letterbox cake to a loved one

It’s that time of year when illness is prevalent, especially coughs and colds. Chances are you know someone who is feeling under the weather at the moment. When you are feeling unwell you just want to cling to anything that brings you comfort, whether that’s snuggling in a duvet with a hot water bottle, watching your favourite TV show, or having your favourite snack. We all have our own ways to get some comfort, but we do think that comfort food really does help lift spirits when we’re feeling unwell.

If you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face because they are currently under the weather then a letterbox cake is just the thing. They are really great get well soon gifts, the recipient gets a wonderful card and a slice or two of delicious cake to bring them some extra comfort. Our Cake Cards are just the thing to show your friends, family members, or loved ones that you care about them when they are unwell.

There are some wonderful get well soon cards to choose from, here are just a few of our favourites to inspire you:

Dark Pink Special Friend Typographic Cake Card - Make your special friend's day by sending them this lovely Cake Card to let them know you are thinking of them.

Get Well Soon Blue Cake Card - Someone feeling blue? Send them our smiling sun get well soon Cake Card to brighten their day.

Smile Little Something Pink Cake Card - A cute Cake Card to send someone special to say you are thinking of them.

The Force is Strong Star Wars Cake Card - The perfect Cake Card to send to any Star Wars fan and a great way to give someone encouragement when they are feeling ill.

Speedy Recovery Character Cake Card - Wish someone special a speedy recovery with our character themed Cake Card!

These are just a few of our favourites from our get well soon cards, there are more to choose from, along with cards for other occasions too!

With your card you’ll also want add one or two slices of delicious treats. We have lots of cake slices to choose from, including standard cakes slices, such as Victoria, Chocolate, and lemon, gluten free cake slices, vegan cake slices, and even flapjacks.

Not only that, but we also have some great added extras to pop in your cake card too. You could add a sweet treat or traditional sweet treat, or even some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate sachets. There’s lots of options to create a great gift that will make the recipient smile.

We provide a letterbox cake delivery service all over the UK. Our Cake Cards are sent via Standard First Class Royal Mail, so they can be delivered all over the UK, as far as Royal mail delivers to. The great thing about our letterbox cakes is that the box is A5, so it’s designed to fit straight through the letterbox and through the door. No waiting in for a delivery driver to drop of the package. Your recipient will smile when a Cake Card lands on their door mat.