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The Fourth Brownie Flavour!

What will be our fourth brownie flavour?

We know you’re excited about our fourth announcement, you’ve been waiting for it so patiently. As you know, we are merely a few weeks away from launching our delicious new brownie range, and we’ve been teasing you with the first three flavours that will be added to the range. We have been busy in the bakery, creating our base brownie recipe (yes, we will be selling original chocolate brownies as well), perfecting it to make sure we have the right taste and texture to create an amazing brownie range.

Now that we have an amazing base recipe, we’ve been testing and tasting flavour combinations to get the right balance of flavours! So, it’s time to talk about the fourth flavour, the two key flavours in this brownie are a great combination of sweetness and sharpness…


White Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies

Let’s make it clear, so there is no confusion, these brownies do have the traditional chocolate brownie base. These are not blondies. The white chocolate and raspberry brownies have the standard delicious gooey, chewy, chocolate brownie taste and texture with raspberries and white chocolate added as well!

This proved to be a popular choice when we asked you what flavours you wanted to see and we decided to try it out and we loved it too! The tangy, sharpness of raspberry breaks through the chocolatiness of the brownie and the white chocolate tones down the sharpness. They just create the perfect balance for the taste buds, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy this combination as much as we do.

We are really looking forward to launching our brownie products, we hope you are looking forward to trying them out! It won’t be long before you can order brownies online at – The online cake company.

Once our brownie products are available online, you’ll be able to choose from a range of delicious brownie flavours. And, just like our cakes, we’ll be delivering brownies all over the UK. So, whether you are looking for Brownies ‘near me’, Brownie delivery in London, Brownie delivery in Bristol, Brownie delivery in Manchester, Brownie delivery in Glasgow, Brownie delivery in Northern Ireland, or Brownie delivery anywhere else in the UK, Sponge will soon be delivering delicious brownies straight to your door.