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Create Your Own Cake

Design your very own unique cake for someone special.

Create Your Own Cake

We are always thinking of new ways for you to personalise and create unique cakes for all your special occasions. You can add cake toppers, greetings cards, drinks, candles, balloons and much more, to make the perfect cake for any occasion. Although what you might be missing out on, is that you can create your very own sponge, with different flavours, toppings, and treats! Design the perfect cake for someone special, down to the finest details.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to decide on the flavour in the initial building blocks! Decide between a cake serving 8 or 16 people, then choose your flavour. Either, vanilla, chocolate or vanilla & chocolate, and then you get to decide on the flavour of buttercream to go in the middle and on top! Choose from vanilla, chocolate, chocolate orange or toffee buttercream, and with the option to add jam to your sponge too, with choice from strawberry, raspberry or apricot. All of your selections combined to create a unique, fun and creative sponge. Now with just the toppings to go!

Fun Fillings.

In your sponge you can also add fun fillings as well, to make it extra special. There is something for everyone’s unique tastes to put a smile on their face. Choose from smarities, Maltesers, milk chocolate chunks, white chocolate chunks, marshmallows, coconut, fudge pieces, Oreo biscuits, mini eggs, jelly beans, chocolate & white chocolate crispy pearls and bounty pieces. Whatever your preferences you will find something to fit the bill!


Now for the really fun bit! You can add toppings to decorate your very own sponge, create your own masterpiece. We have vast selection of toppings to choose from including, hundreds & thousands, milk & white chocolate shavings, double chocolate drizzle, coconut, Maltesers, mini eggs and much more. Add whatever takes your fancy!

Create Your Own Birthday Cakes

Our create your own cakes are the perfect birthday cakes for anyone of any age! You can create them with someone special in mind, and will really show then how much you care. Along with a birthday cake you can add birthday candles, and a happy birthday greetings card. Add your own special message inside to let them you wish them a very happy birthday.

Create your own delivery

Did you realise that all our cakes can be delivered to any address within the UK! Make your own special cake and have it delivered directly to your door for a special occasion. Or you can send a create your own sponge to a friend or family members house for a special surprise. You can even select the day you want it to arrive!

Personalised Cakes

Alternatively, you can create a special personalised cake for any occasion with one of our cake toppers! Choose one of our delicious sponges to dress up ready for a special occasion. Choose from toppers for birthdays, good luck messages, thank you, anniversaries, and much more. There is something for any occasion, and certain to put a smile on someone’s face.