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Gluten Free Gin & Tonic Cake

We loved it so much we had to make a gluten free version...

You may have noticed we just launched our new cocktail themed Gin and Tonic Cake this summer. We loved it so much we decided to release a gluten free version as we don't want anyone to miss out!

It's the perfect summer party themed cake, to accompany drinks or a BBQ in the garden. We think this is just as yummy as our normal Gin and Tonic sponge, or maybe even a little bit better!

We made sure it was perfect after making several batches to make sure it was just right. It took hard work to get right but we are super proud of it.

The Gin and Tonic Cake is full of juniper berries, fresh lime, lashings of Gordon’s Gin infused buttercream and Candied lemons on top!

The Gluten Free Sponge

Made using free range eggs, soaked in Juniper berries, fresh lime zest and juice creates a refreshing and light and zesty cake! Within the Sponge the juniper berries provide a subtle pine and fruity flavour, and a hint or citrus just like our regular Gin and Tonic sponge and Gin and Tonic Drink! With the Gin getting it’s main flavour from the juniper berries, hence why we knew we had to include them in our sponge to create the perfect sponge mix! Whereas we found the fresh lime zest and juice gave the sponge an extra sing and went with the juniper berries superbly.

The Buttercream

For our Gluten Free Gin and Tonic Sponge, the same for our regular one, we decided to make the buttercream extra boozy with a whole lot of Gordon’s gin whipped in to fresh English butter and sugar. With this extra layer of alcoholic buttercream, which sits in the middle of the sponge.

The Toppings

We've made our Gluten Free Gin and Tonic Cake a bit different to our standard one with candied lemons and limes sitting on top of buttercream on the top of the cake rather than just lemons.

The aromatic flavour, a glass of G&T provides, is mirrored perfectly with our new Gluten Free cocktail cake and the ideal cake to enjoy this summer for BBQ’s, celebrations, birthdays and much more! Relish in a slice along with a G&T cocktail for the greatest taste experience. Let us know how you enjoy your this summer as well as what you think!