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The last few years has seen the demand for gluten free cakes increase massively and as a business we recognised the importance...

The last few years has seen the demand for gluten free cakes increase massively and as a business we recognised the importance of this from the very beginning. Starting off with two flavours - our Gluten Free Carrot Sponge Cake and our Free Apple Crumble Sponge Cake we very quickly found that customers saw them as a cut above the rest. Not only were we getting great feedback from online customers but our trade customers were finding that they were selling very well and their customers were asking for more.

We knew we had to develop more flavours so that our trade customers could keep their offering fresh for their gluten free customers. So after a lot of work but our development team in the bakery and many, many tastings (we weren’t complaining!) we developed further instalments. Firstly came the Gluten and Dairy Free Elizabeth Sponge Cake. That was followed on by a Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake and Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge Cake.

Most recently we have released Gluten Free Lemon Cake and Gluten Free Coffee Cake which have had the same brilliant reception from our trade customers that our others have. Keep an eye out for future development too as we have a Gluten Free Millionaires Sponge in the pipeline and we plan to offer some of our seasonal specials as Gluten Free too going forward.

Our first attempt of this was with the current seasonal special the Gluten Free Hazelnut and Praline Sponge Cake and Gluten Free Spiced Cranberry and Orange Sponge Cake and by offering a seasonal special as gluten free we are able to continue to offer our trade customers a varied gluten free offering that in turn keep their customers happy and returning regularly.

The success of our gluten free range can be seen in the quality of trade customer that we have had using the product. The Royal Palace cafes stock exclusively gluten free cakes as they said there was no difference in the quality between the gluten free and the normal and so it simplified it to have all of them gluten free. We often like to think that maybe one of the Royal Family has got a hankering for something indulgent and sweet and sent for a piece to be collected from one of the cafes. We’ll never know the truth but we tell ourselves that it definitely happened at some point!

The idea of moving over to all gluten free offering has happened with a number of our customers due to the exceptional quality of our cakes that means people can’t tell they are gluten free. Most recently Forest Holidays who stock our cakes in all of their cafes has switched from a range of 10 of our normal cakes to all gluten free and early signs are all positive from them. Essex Wildlife Trust cafes also made a similar move in a number of their sites.

Our trade customers knew already the quality and popularity of our gluten free range from their customers feedback but we wanted to see what the industry experts thought we so we decided to put a couple of flavours into the Free From Food Awards to be judged. We were delighted to find that the Gluten Free Chocolate and the Gluten Free Victoria won Free From Food Awards and we were able to collect the awards at a swanky awards ceremony in London!