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Coffee SPONGE Friday + Free gift card with all Father's Day Sponge!


Coffee SPONGE Friday
Coffee SPONGE Friday

Coffee SPONGE Friday

Coffee infused Sponge that will heighten the coffee lover's experience with its intensely smooth caffeine notes. This Sponge is the answer to any mid morning weakness! Click here to order your Coffee SPONGE Friday!

"My mum lllooovvveeedd the cake! It safely arrived in Scotland-the B&B lady confirmed safe receipt and the parcel was given to my Mum on her birthday. Can't thank you enough for your help-my Mum said she didn't know such a service existed and is going to pass your details to her friends. Brilliant thank you x" Kaye from Derby Click here to read more Coffee Sponge reviews...

Order by 2pm Thursday 6th June to get your hands on a 7" Coffee Sponge for £9.99 and a 10" for £16.99!

Possibly the most romantic Sponge Moment ever..!

In a bumper week of Sponge Moment entries, Tamsin sent in this engaging Sponge Moment...

"Hi Lovely Sponge People! After ordering a baby sponge gift box, I replaced one of the cakes with a ring box and asked my lovely girlfriend to marry me. Chocolate Orange Sponge is her favourite and nothing says “I Love You” like a tasty cake!

Thanks so much for creating great cakes & giving me the perfect way to propose-it was a Yes! Must've been the cake!”

Massive congratulations to you both! Enjoy the Coffee SPONGE Friday! xxx

Win a SPONGE Friday!

We give away a SPONGE Friday each week to the best Sponge Moment. Send pics to [email protected], post to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win!

Say it with Sponge!

Forget all the usual boring Father's Day gifts and send Dad a Sponge! 7", 10" Sponge cakes, Baby Sponge gift boxes, giant Super Sponge cakes with more than one flavour are available or, for the ultimate cake lover's gift, reward your Dad with a Sponge Subscription!

Whatever you add to your basket, get our quirky Father's Day card for free when you use code: TOPDAD on the Checkout page!

Plantabox Competition

Winners will be notified this afternoon if they have won one of 10 prizes of Baby Sponge cakes, Father's Day card and personalised Plantabox Crate!

If you aren't one of the lucky ones, you can still get 15% off at the Plantabox website with code: SPONGE15

Sponge crumbies...

Win a Super Sharing Sponge! Missing our Plantabox competition already? Get your competition fix on Facebook with where you could win a Super Sharing Sponge. Click here to enter the Facebook competition.

New summer special coming soon!
The new flavour is very much under wraps at the moment while we're trialling it round the office *very scientific process is cake tasting!* ;) but it will be available to buy at very soon!!

See us at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in Birmingham next week (June 12th - 16th) and get a free Baby Sponge if you're a Sponge Family Member! (Click here to sign up)

Happy Birthday!

Sponge Family members: Becky Stow, Debra Goddard, Jo Mitchell, Moya Moore, Gillian Hayes, Thomas Atkinson, Nicola Hartshorn, Claire Harrington, Laura Southgate, Michelle Hyde and Ashley Lee. Hope you all have great days! x Email: [email protected] for birthday shoutouts!

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