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Supermarket Wedding Cakes

Pros and Cons

Weddings cost a lot. We know, if you’re planning a wedding, you’ll know already. Some of us have recently been married or are currently planning a wedding, so we also know the costs. And it’s surprising how quickly everything adds up. From the venue to evening entertainment, even down to the flowers and outfits for the day, we are talking thousands of pounds.

A wedding is an extremely special day, so you want everything to be perfect. You might be looking for ways to keep the cost down and one option might be looking at supermarket wedding cakes.

These are a popular choice for couples in the UK, largely because they tend to be cost-effective and they are an ideal way to save money on a wedding budget. Most major supermarkets offer a range of wedding cakes, in a variety of sizes, from small single-tier cakes to larger multi-tiered cakes.

They may also come in a range of flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, fruitcake, and lemon, and can be decorated with traditional wedding cake toppers or fresh flowers. There may be limitations to the flavours available from supermarkets, as they will have stricter regulations to what they can offer from a profitability point of view. So, they are likely to only be able to offer the most popular classic flavours that are often chosen by the majority of customers.

One of the benefits of choosing a supermarket wedding cake is that they are generally more affordable than cakes ordered from traditional wedding cake makers. Prices can vary depending on the size and complexity of the cake, but couples can expect to pay anywhere from £30 to £200 for a supermarket wedding cake.

It's important to remember that while supermarket wedding cakes can be a great option for those on a tight budget, they may not be suitable for those looking for a more personalised or bespoke cake. Additionally, couples should make sure to order their cake well in advance and check the delivery options, as some supermarkets may only offer in-store pickup.

When ordering a supermarket wedding cake in the UK, usually there are mostly pre-made designs for couples to choose from which can include simple designs or more elaborate ones with flowers, piping, or other decorations. It's important to note that the level of customisation or personalisation may be limited compared to what can be achieved with a dedicated wedding cake maker.

One potential downside to ordering a wedding cake from a supermarket is that there may be limited availability during peak wedding season or holidays, so couples should be sure to order their cake well in advance to ensure it is available on their wedding day.

It's also important to consider a few key factors. First, couples should decide on the size of the cake they need, based on the number of guests they will be serving. It's generally recommended to have a cake that can provide at least one serving per guest, with some extra slices for anyone who wants seconds.

Second, couples should consider the flavour and filling options available. Many supermarkets offer a range of flavours, and whether you want a different flavour on each layer, or the same flavour throughout the cake. If you’re looking for a specific flavour, that might be a bit more unusual, or unique, then a supermarket wedding cake may not be the best choice for you.

Third, couples should consider the design and decoration of the cake. Supermarket wedding cakes may not offer the same level of customisation as a dedicated wedding cake maker, but many supermarkets offer pre-designed cakes that can be tailored to suit the couple's preferences. Some supermarkets may also offer the option to add fresh flowers or other decorations to the cake to give it a more personalised touch.

Finally, couples should be aware of the delivery and pickup options available. Some supermarkets may offer delivery for an additional fee, while others may require the cake to be picked up in-store. Couples should ensure that they have a suitable vehicle for transporting the cake, it’s actually quite a tricky business transporting cakes depending on the height and design, and they need to be transported as flat as possible, especially if they are more elaborate. Couple’s also need to make sure that they have enough time to collect it on the day of the wedding.

One of the downfalls of a supermarket wedding cake tends to be the quality of the cake, they do more often than not tend to be drier than a lot of cakes that come from dedicated bakeries. So, that may be something else you want to consider, as we all want to enjoy our wedding cake.

There are other affordable options out there though, if you want a bit more variety in flavours and options to feed your guests, as well as a good quality cake that everyone will love. Sponge has a great range of wedding cakes that are just as affordable as supermarket wedding cakes, and if we may say so ourselves, much better quality.

The benefit of ordering a wedding cake online with Sponge is that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting the cake yourself. We can either deliver your cake straight to your venue or to your home, whatever your preference is, we can help. As it’s such a special occasion we do recommend that you select a delivery date a day or two in advance of your big day in case there are any unforeseen delivery delays, such as a van breakdown. Your wedding cake will still taste as good on the day, as our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days, depending on the flavour.

Take the stress out of arranging your wedding cake with Sponge. Our wedding cakes are available in a variety of flavours and sizes, and we also cater for dietary requirements such as gluten-free, and vegan.

Here are our wedding cake options and prices:

Baby Cake Favours – from £75.00

Our cute little baby sponge cakes make great wedding favours and are available in over 14 flavours including gluten free. Individually wrapped in fun, quirky boxes, they are perfect for place settings or as a centrepiece stacked on a dessert table. Choose from packs of 40, 80 or 120.

Tiered Wedding Cake – from £79.50

Create a stunning wedding cake online to be enjoyed and admired by your wedding guests. Choose any flavour sponge to make your base and middle layer, as well as 4 cute baby sponges, to sit on top. Add flowers, fruit, candles, and chocolates to theme your wedding cake and make your wedding truly special. We have two choices of stylish wedding cake toppers (please note toppers may vary from the ones shown) you can choose to go with your three-layered naked wedding cake - our simple and elegant wooden Just Married topper or our vintage style just married bunting topper.

Whole Wedding Cakes – from £150.00

Order your wedding cakes online for up to 96 guests generously - includes six of our largest sponge cakes in your choice of flavours to suit your wedding theme and dietary requirements. Pick 6 of our deliciously yummy Sponge Cakes, with over 20 different flavours to choose from (including gluten-free cakes and vegan cakes). Have one flavour for all 6 sponges or 6 different flavours, and get your wedding cakes delivered to your door or venue. They make a great wedding dessert.

Wedding Cake Tower – from £190.00

Looking for an alternative to a wedding cake - our Baby Cake Wedding Tower is our take on the traditional cupcake wedding tower and is made up of our cute baby cakes! Decorate with fresh flowers, fruit, or both, and pick as many flavours as you like to make sure everyone has their favourite. Our wedding cake tower feeds 80 people and contains 1 Just Married wooden topper (please note toppers may vary from the one shown), a 7-tiered acrylic clear stand, and 80 baby sponge cakes of your choice.

Gluten Free Tiered Wedding Cake – from £79.50

Our three-tiered gluten-free wedding cakes come with a choice of two wedding cake toppers (please note these may vary slightly from those pictured) and start from just £65 delivered. We have lots of different gluten-free flavours flavours to choose from, so you can have different flavours, or all the same flavour. We will deliver your wedding cake anywhere in the UK and can even deliver them to your venue. Feeds 25 people generously.

Gluten Free Whole Wedding Cakes – from £150.00

Order your gluten-free wedding cakes online for up to 96 guests generously. Pick 6 of our deliciously yummy gluten-free Sponge Cakes, with over 10 different gluten-free flavours as well as seasonal specials. Have one flavour for all 6 sponges or 6 different flavours, and get your wedding cakes delivered to your door or venue. They make a great wedding dessert.

If you have been let down last minute for your wedding cake, we can help as we offer next day delivery all over the UK as long as you order by 3pm. However, as it is an extra special occasion we do advise where possible to select a delivery date a day or two before your wedding day. This is in case there are any problems with the delivery (breakdowns, exceptional circumstances, or events). Our cakes have either a 7 or 10 day life from the date of dispatch, depending on the flavour, so even if they arrive a day or two early, they will still be fresh and delicious on your special occasion.

We have had great reviews on our wedding cakes and love hearing from people who have opted for a Sponge wedding cake for their special day! We’re confident that there’s something for everyone at Sponge for their wedding day, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect cake for yours.