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Wedding Cake Guide 2023

What cakes are in for 2023

Wedding cake trends can vary greatly depending on geographic location, cultural traditions, and personal preferences, so couples should always choose a cake that reflects their own style and tastes.

We know that some people know what they want as their wedding cake from an early age, other’s go into a wedding cake meeting with no clue at all. If you are going towards a bespoke cake, a lot of independent bakers can provide inspiration based on what they are seeing from other couples.

There are a few wedding cake trends emerging already for 2023;

Edible pressed flowers

Organically grown and sustainability are big trends at the moment, and so lots of people are using edible flowers including cornflowers, pansies, and salvias to decorate their wedding cakes. And they do create a beautiful effect, especially when the cake is white, as the flowers add the natural flecks of colour which is why they get a great reaction from guests.

Bright and Colourful

If you want to make a statement with your wedding cake, go with the bright and colourful approach. The wedding cake can be a centrepiece to your reception, and a lot of conversations can be started surrounding it, so making it eye-catching is a good idea. One idea is to use a white buttercream base around the cake and then add bold colours with more buttercream (as if you were creating a painting), or other adornments such as edible decorations and flowers.

Vintage retro buttercream cakes

If you’ve ever seen cakes for the 70’s you’ll know instantly what we are talking about. Think buttercream frills and swirls, a mixture of various piping techniques all on one cake. There may also be an interesting choice of colours involved, that perhaps some may find a bit garish and could clash (think avocado green and rust orange). Some people find these cakes a bit much, but other’s love them!

Wedding Cakes with Separated Tiers

Separating the tiers of a wedding cake means that the cake doesn’t just focus on the colour of the buttercream or the flavour of the cake. Depending on what you use to separate the tiers, you can use it to display other decorative things. For instance, you could use a clear food-safe container between layers to display something within the theme of your big day.

Wedding Dress-Inspired Cakes

Sometimes the obvious ideas are the best ones. If you’re in love with your wedding dress, you might want to consider a wedding cake that reflects it. There are some great elements to wedding cakes that can be beautifully replicated on a cake. With the ability to replicate intricate details such as lace and sparkle, cake makers (even aspiring or amateur bakers) can create a cake in the likeness of your dress adornments.

These are our top 5 trends that we’ve spotted in time for wedding cake season, but personally, we think that you can never go wrong with a naked cake. They are just clean and simple, no-fuss cakes that suit all weddings.

If you want to save some money, you can even add decorations to them yourselves. You might want to bravely fully decorate a wedding cake with buttercream or fondant, you could create one of the trendy wedding cakes above. Or to save time and mess, simply decorate with flowers, or edible decorations that are available in many shops.

We have a few wedding cake package options available to suit even the smallest budget, and they come in various sizes to feed small celebrations or large parties. There are also options to suit dietary requirements such as gluten-free or vegan.

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