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New Home Gifts

Where did the tradition start and why?

There are many different cultures and traditions around giving gifts for a new home. It has a long history surrounding gift giving to new home owners, and there are lots of reasons why you might want to offer a gift to someone who has just purchased a new property.

In ancient times, when people moved into new homes, their friends and family would often bring gifts of food or household items to help them get started in their new space. This was a way to show support and help the new homeowners feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

The tradition of giving gifts for a new home evolved over time and has become more formalised. In many cultures, it became customary to bring a gift to a housewarming party or to send a gift after someone had moved into a new home. These gifts ranged from practical items like kitchen tools, food or linens to decorative objects like paintings or sculptures.

Today, the tradition of giving gifts for a new home is still going strong, and there are many different types of gifts that people might choose to give. From practical items that will be useful in the new home to something more elaborate that will help to make the space feel more welcoming (although may be more suited to an acquired taste). There are many ways to show support and celebrate this important milestone in someone's life.

In some cultures, there are specific types of gifts that are traditionally given for a new home. For example, in some Asian cultures, it is common to give a gift of a potted plant, as it symbolizes growth and good fortune. In the Middle East, it is customary to give a gift of a decorative rug or carpet, as it is seen as a symbol of warmth and hospitality.

In many Western cultures, housewarming parties are a popular way to celebrate a new home, and guests are often expected to bring a gift for the new homeowners. We think items such as home decor items like candles or throw pillows, and practical items like toolkits, food or cleaning supplies make the best new home gifts.

Buying a gift for someone who has just moved into a new home is a great way to congratulate them on this important milestone and to show that you care about them. Here are some reasons why buying a gift for a new home is a good idea:

Celebrating a new beginning: Moving into a new home is an exciting time, especially if they are a first-time buyer, and signifies a new chapter in someone's life. A gift can help to mark this important milestone and celebrate this new beginning with them.

Making a house feel like a home: A gift can help to make a new house feel more like a home by adding a personal touch or decorative element. This can help the new homeowner to settle in and feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. This is especially important if they don’t have much furniture or decorative items to start off with, it can definitely help make the empty space feel more homely straight away.

Showing support and care: A gift for a new home can show the new homeowner that you care about them and want to support them in their new venture. You want to express your excitement for them and share in their joy, but you might also be aware it’s a very big step for a lot of people so it’s a great way of being supportive of this significant change in their life.

Practicality: Depending on the gift you choose, it can also be a practical addition to the new home, such as kitchen appliances, tools, or furniture. This can be especially helpful for those who are starting fresh and may not have everything they need yet.

Buying a gift for a new home is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture that can help to strengthen relationships and show support during a significant time of transition. We think a great way to celebrate anything is with a delicious cake, so why not celebrate buying a new home with one? We have a great range that would make great new home gifts:

Whole Cakes – Send them a big cake to congratulate them on getting the keys to their new home! We have a great range of flavours to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect flavour to send to them.

Celebration Boxes – Our celebration packs come with two different drink options - a mini bottle of Prosecco or two cans of Belvoir sparkling water - raspberry lemonade and elderflower presse. What's inside? 4 x Baby Sponge Cakes - choice of traditional, quirky, or gluten free flavours, 4 x poppers, Choice of 1 x prosecco or 2 x Belvoir Sparkling Water, 2 x balloons, 2 x paper party hats, and a personalised greetings card. We think this is the perfect package to celebrate a new home with.

Free From Cakes – If the new homeowner has a dietary requirement, you don’t need to shy away from sending them a cake. We have several ranges to suit dietary requirements including; gluten free cakes, vegan cakes, gluten and dairy free cakes, and no refined sugar cakes. And they all have a great range of flavours to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect cake that they can enjoy.

Cake Cards – Cake Cards are a unique gift that you can send through the post and they are ideal letterbox gifts to send to a new homeowner. They consist of a card and a choice of one or two slices of yummy cake or treats, all packaged together in a specially designed card box. Our letterbox cake cards have been specifically designed this way to fit through a standard size letterbox, allowing us to send these unique gift cakes by post!

There are lots of personalisation options too, with extra items and unique cards to create the perfect gift. You can even add your own message. Send a gift card with a little something extra!