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Cakes for Cafes, deli’s, restaurants and more

There are a few challenges to running your own business, there’s a lot that goes into it. Especially when you are a small operation with only a few employees, you will know the value of saving time and money.

Knowing your customers, who they are, and what they like is vital. Once you’ve hit the nail on the head with their likes and wants it can be a golden combination, along with fantastic service, that turns those people into your most loyal customers. And returning customers can be your most valuable asset.

These people will not only spend a fair amount of money within your business but also act as your brand ambassadors. So, when you sell quality items that they love and give them a great experience, they will go on to spread the word about your business and tell their friends and family. This effect could then continue, with more people coming to your business and giving it a go. Making sure all of your customers are treated with respect and the same service can lead to the domino effect, and word of mouth will keep spreading.

This is obviously great, especially for small businesses who rely on word of mouth or footfall to keep customers coming back and introducing new ones to you. But this can come at a cost, because the busier you are, the more demand there will be for your service and your staff. That’s where time-saving without having to compromise is such a great thing to have.

If your customers love cake, that’s great! Cakes are such a great option to have under your belt, as so many people love cake as a treat outside of special occasions. But they do take time to perfect a recipe, prepare, bake, and decorate. And with so many people having dietary requirements, it can come with other hurdles. You don’t want customers to feel left out, because that can be off-putting. Many businesses are working towards providing options for customers that can accommodate all sorts of dietary requirements, so it’s good to keep up with the competition.

The problem with catering to many dietary requirements is that it either adds time or it adds costs to running your business. You’ll either need to have completely separate areas in your kitchen, and completely separate equipment for each type of cake you need to make, which can be costly. Or, the alternative (which you should be doing between preparing different types of food to suit dietary requirements anyway), is a full clean down of the kitchen, which again can be costly because it takes more time to do.

There are ways around this. Have you considered buying wholesale cakes? It can save time, and money, and give you peace of mind. Once you add the cost of the equipment, the ingredients, and the time, buying wholesale cakes can make a lot more sense than doing it yourselves.

The most important thing with buying cakes for a café, deli, restaurant, farm shop, or any other business is making sure the quality is as good as if you had made them in your own kitchen is important. Obviously, you could get cakes from businesses to sell with their branding, but sometimes, it’s nicer if you’re a small business, to get wholesale cakes that taste and look homemade by you.

Sponge doesn’t just sell directly to the customer; we also sell our cakes wholesale to businesses just like yours. The great thing about buying from us is that our cakes are made with quality ingredients, and we create simple and delicious cakes. They look like they would have been made in your own kitchen, and we can provide cakes to suit dietary requirements to make things easier for you.

We can deliver standard cakes to your business, but we also offer gluten free, vegan, gluten and dairy free, and no refined sugar wholes sale cakes. This can take a whole lot of stress away from you, especially when it comes to gluten free dietary requirements. We have a separate gluten free bakery where we prepare and cook our gluten free cakes. They are also sealed before they leave the bakery, reducing the risk of cross-contamination to extremely low levels.

What form of cakes you sell is important to us too. We do have several options for how your cakes come, to help best suit the way your business works. We can provide you with pre-cut cakes which give you 14 slices to serve, or you could choose whole uncut cakes that you can cut yourselves to get portion sizes to suit you and your customers. There are also cake wedges or cake slices available which are all individually sealed and are great for grab-and-go customers. Finally, we also offer baby sponges which are unique mini-cakes that are another great takeaway item, or if you offer afternoon teas, they are ideal for that as well. And there are lots of flavours to choose from, we can also include POS cards detailing ingredients for any cakes you have on display, for peace of mind, and all of our individually wrapped products have ingredients in the packaging.

If you’re looking for cake alternatives, we have a great range of brownies that make ideal desserts for all kinds of customers.

Whatever your requirements are, our trade team are here to help you. Our range of award winning cakes, handmade using the best British produce will put you a cut above the competition.

By becoming a stockist of our Sponge cakes and bakes you will have access to a wide variety of products and flavours to suit all of your needs, including options for gluten free, vegan, and dairy and gluten free as well as seasonal specials.

You will also gain access to your own personal portal to make future ordering easier and faster, as well as special perks and discounts. Get in touch today to speak to our trade team and find out more about how we can supply wholesale cakes to help your business.