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Toppers for Birthday Cakes

What are birthday cake toppers?

How do you make a birthday cake extra special, without spending a lot of money on a bespoke cake? Well, there are things you can add, and maybe there are some extra special candles you can add to create a bit of a wow factor. For instance, fountain candles add a big impact when you bring out the cake as they are pretty much indoor fireworks that are placed on top of the cake.

But if you are looking for a way to make it a bit more personalised, perhaps a cake topper is a better option. Toppers are as the name explains, they top the cake. They are a little extra that is probably most closely associated with a wedding cake, however, there are definitely a lot of options when it comes to birthday cake toppers too.

A topper can be one of two things, it can be made of acrylic, and these are long-lasting toppers that can be used year after year. There are different styles and colours of acrylic toppers widely available from various retailers, and they are often available in a variety of calligraphy options too. If you’re looking for a Happy birthday cake topper to celebrate many birthdays, a generic acrylic birthday topper is probably the wisest investment. They are hard-wearing for a start, which means they will be usable time and again. The more generic you choose, the easier it is to make it work for all your birthday celebrations, whether it’s for a girl’s birthday or a boy’s birthday, it can work for all birthdays.

If you are looking for a topper to suit themes, there are often options available. These are usually great options when you can’t find a cake in a particular theme that’s in your price range. These toppers tend to be a bit more budget-friendly, so you can still make the cake fit the theme. For instance, if you are having a rainbow-themed birthday party, Sponge has an acrylic topper to go on top of the cake flavour of your choice (although there is a rainbow cake also available at an affordable price).

The other type of topper you can consider which is definitely a great alternative to spending a lot more on a bespoke cake is a photo cake topper. These types of birthday cake toppers only go on a cake once because they are edible. The toppers are created by printing an image onto edible paper using edible ink. That is then cut out and placed onto a fondant icing disc and attached to the top of the cake with buttercream. The good thing about these types of toppers is that you can completely personalise them with your own photos if you want to, or use that to create a topper to suit the theme of your party. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-designed topper (a good option if you’re not 100% arty), and adapt it to suit your celebration by adding images to the design or adding your own text.

The final type of topper we want to throw into the mix for you is a colouring topper. Unlike the others, these toppers are a bit more of an activity. These toppers for birthday cakes are probably best suited for children, and it gives them an activity. Perhaps you want to help them get stuck into to create a nice birthday gift for the grandparents or maybe even for their own birthdays. We have a few pre-designed colouring toppers to choose from, which again are ideal for certain kids’ birthday themes. Just like the photo cake toppers they are printed using edible paper and ink and placed on a fondant disc, and they come with edible felt-tip pens so that you can have fun colouring it in before enjoying it on top of the cake.

We have several options to choose from when it comes to toppers for birthday cakes, and whatever one you decide to go for, we’re sure it’ll go down well for a birthday celebration.