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Maple and Pecan Cake

A no refined sugar cake

Refined sugar; as much as a lot of us love it, it isn’t great for us. As cake makers, we use refined sugar in a lot of what we make, that is because both caster sugar and icing sugar are refined sugars. It’s hard to avoid it when baking is involved. And that’s not suitable for everyone. Although for most of us, we just need to be mindful of refined sugars and how much we are consuming, for other people they have to be very careful of their intake or avoid it all together.

No refined sugar cakes are a bit of a game changer for many people. They are made without using refined sugar as an alternative ingredient. Instead of using caster sugar, alternative sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup are used to sweeten the cake. These cakes are considered to be a healthier option compared to cakes made with refined sugar. This is because natural sugars such as maple syrup are slowly released in the body, meaning the you don’t get as much of a spike in blood sugar as you would with refined sugar.

Obviously, if you are someone who has to monitor their blood sugar levels, you’ll still need to be careful with how much natural sugars you are consuming. It’s still about moderation, and that’s important for everyone really.

No refined sugar cakes aren’t a common thing to see, so, a lot of people have to make their own, which isn’t ideal when you are a novice baker. It’s hard enough to get a normal bake right when you’re new to baking, let alone attempting to bake a cake with natural sugar alternatives. We noticed this gap in the market, so we set to work to create our own no refined sugar cake that is affordable and available to everyone across the UK.

Maple and Pecan Cake - Our new no refined sugar cake is here! Crushed and whole pecans with lashings of maple syrup are baked into the sponge. It is then drizzled with more syrup as it comes out of the oven so it soaks straight through the delicious sponge. And it’s also available as a gluten free no refined sugar cake.

This cake is the perfect cross-over of a maple pecan slice and a sponge pudding. The maple syrup makes this an extremely moist cake, especially after we add a bit more on after it’s baked! It would be ideal as a dessert or a celebration cake, or just as an afternoon treat.

Sponge offer next day delivery on our no refined sugar cakes all over the UK, when you order by 3pm. So, if you can’t be with a loved one on a special occasion, want a delicious birthday cake delivered to your door, or have a cake emergency, we will ensure that your cakes are delivered safely and securely straight to your front door. Our Sponge cake delivery service is second to none with our robustly designed packaging that keeps your order safe in transit.

Placing your order couldn’t be more straightforward, just place your maple and pecan cake order online on our website and get cakes posted to the door. You can select the delivery date from our handy calendar, whether you need your order for next day delivery, or want to place your order in advance, the choice is yours! Our calendar allows you to place your order as far in advance as you would like, and you can pick a delivery date that is convenient for you. Just sit back and wait for your delicious desserts to be delivered.

If you’re ordering a cake for a special occasion, we recommend selecting the delivery date for a day or two before you require your order to make sure it is there in plenty of time. This is in case there are problems with the delivery (breakdowns, exceptional circumstances, or events). Our cakes have either a 7 or 10-day life from the date of dispatch, depending on the flavour, so even if they arrive a day or two early, they will still be fresh and delicious on your special occasion