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Free Cake Delivery

Find out how you can get free delivery on your cakes

Times are tough for everyone right now, prices are going up, not only for consumers but for businesses too. We always put great thought into what we offer our customers, to make sure they are being given the best value for their hard-earned money. This goes across the board for us, we really take a lot of consideration when it comes setting the prices of our products, and what goes into gift options such as our celebration boxes to make them the best value for you.

One thing that can add a bit of extra cost that you may not have considered is delivery. We offer free delivery on orders over £29.50, but we do know that you don’t always want, need, or can afford to spend that much on cake. But, if you’re a regular customer, even if you only buy a few cakes a year, we have come up with a way to save you money on your cake orders.

Our Sponge club is a great way to save yourself some money when it comes to your cake orders. When you sign up to the Sponge club you get some great benefits on top of free delivery on all of your cake orders. We also have two different types of club memberships to make things a bit easier, and to suit your budget.

Here are our membership options:

Club Annual – This is our annual payment option and costs just £10 for the whole year. This means as soon as you’ve placed your second order you’ve made your money back by the savings you get without having to pay for delivery. The £10 covers you for the entire year, with this you get 10 cake delivers and 10 cake cards per week, exclusive products, perks, and offers.

Club Extra – Our second club option is best for those who like to manage their finances on a monthly basis. For just £2.99 a month you can join the club, don’t worry though because as long as you stay for the whole year your £2.99 will be saved each month as credit for you to use on your year anniversary*! You’ll still get all the same benefits as an annual member! (*Please note that if you cancel your membership before the year has ended your credit will be lost).

As you can see there are lots of benefits to being a club member. But the key one to note is that if you send cakes to loved ones or buy them for yourself on special occasions then a great way to save yourself some money and get free cake delivery is by joining the club.

Sponge club will provide you with many perks if you become a member today. Sponge club offers discounted monthly perks, free 2nd slice on cake card orders, free standard delivery, 25% off greetings cards, flash offers, and exclusive products. If you love cake then sponge club is the perfect club to join to satisfy your cake needs all year!