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Christmas Photo Cakes

Personalise your Christmas cake this year

Making Christmas memorable each year is no easy feat, whether it’s doing the same structure to the day with timings of presents, meal, TV programmes, and games, or doing something a bit different, it’s not an easy task. So, how can you easily make Christmas 2022 memorable? It’s always great to gather the family together, whether you have younger children, or they’re all grown up with their own families. It’s mostly about making new memories and spending time together.

But sometimes, you want to do something that’s a bit different. And, it can help in creating memorable moments during the festive period. And you can do that quite easily by what you have to finish off your Christmas meal.

Some sort of Christmas cake is the perfect ending to this luxurious meal we enjoy once a year. Although there are often debates over the traditional fruit based Christmas cake, some love it, other’s hate it! But you can get Christmas cakes that everyone will love. We have a great range of Christmas cakes available this year, but to make it even more memorable, we wanted to highlight our Christmas Photo cakes!

The great thing about photo cakes is that they are the perfect cakes to personalise for your Christmas celebrations. With our photo cakes you can choose one of our pre-designed toppers, we’ve got lots of Christmas designs to choose from, and you can customise them with text to make them really personalised. Or if you really want to personalise it for your family, why not choose a picture from Christmas past to print onto the cake topper. It would be a great surprise for everyone on Christmas day, and you can all share in the joy of eating your photo cake.

Our photo cakes are available in two flavours:

Victoria Sponge Cake - Our award-winning Victoria Sponge Cake has a light and fluffy vanilla sponge which is sandwiched together with strawberry jam and a generous layer of vanilla buttercream.


Chocolate Cake - A delicious and indulgent chocolate sponge which is sandwiched together with thick chocolate buttercream.

They are available in two sizes, a sponge for 8 (perfect for a small family Christmas), or a sponge for 16 (much better for if everyone is coming to yours on Christmas day). The wedges are generous for both cakes, so they could feed even more than the portion guide we suggest.

Once we receive your topper choice and cake selection, we print your topper design with edible ink onto edible paper. The design is then placed onto a fondant disc that sits on top of your chosen cake.

After that, we wrap your cake up in a protective film and place it inside a secure collar. This is then packed in a cardboard box and sent straight to your door via courier. You can order your personalised photo cakes 48 hours before delivery, however, we do recommend if it is for a special occasion that you choose a delivery date a day or two before the event. And, you’ll be pleased to know that we deliver our Christmas photo cakes all over the UK. So, if you’re looking to make Christmas Day 2022 a bit more memorable, add a photo cake to your festive feast this year.