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Vegan Treats Delivery

Get vegan cakes and brownies delivered to you

Vegan luxuries are something you deserve, even when it’s not a special occasion. We all want a yummy treat every now and again, but when you have specialist dietary requirements, depending on where you live, they can be difficult to find.

Supermarkets try their best to provide an array of products that suit all dietary requirements, but often there’s a limited number of options to choose from, and they aren’t always the best quality, in terms of taste or texture.

But there is another place to get vegan treats, without leaving your home, heck you don’t even need to leave your seat if you don’t want to! Sponge has a whole range of Vegan treats for you or your loved ones to enjoy. Whether you are looking for vegan treat for yourself or you want to send a vegan gift to a loved one, we have something for everyone.

Vegan Cakes

We’ve worked hard on our vegan cakes, as we want you to have a great experience that will put a smile on your face. There are several options to choose from, which we thing are perfect as a treat or for a celebration.

Vegan Carrot Cake - Grated carrots, soya milk, walnuts, sultanas and cinnamon make a deliciously moist vegan sponge. Complimented with creamy vegan buttercream made from vegan butter and a dash of natural lemon flavouring. Crunched walnuts on top.

Vegan Chocolate Cake - Soya milk, chocolate, and vegan butter create our delicious and indulgent vegan chocolate sponge. Our secret ingredient is coffee which really brings out the chocolate flavour! Nibbed cocoa pieces are sprinkled on top giving some added crunch.

Vegan Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake - Our Vegan Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake has a deliciously moist chocolate sponge which is sandwiched together with lashings of caramel flavoured buttercream and chunks of vegan vanilla fudge. On top you will find more caramel buttercream finished off with more chunks of delicious salted caramel fudge and a sprinkling of cocoa nibs. Fudge, caramel, and chocolate are a match made in heaven!

Vegan Millionaires Cake - Have the best of both with our new Vegan Millionaires Cake! Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring and the other half is made with indulgent vegan chocolate. The vegan sponges are sandwiched together with a delicious caramel vegan buttercream, and finished off with a pretty drizzle of vegan chocolate on top.

Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake - Our Vegan Victoria sponge is here! We've been working really hard on this over the last few months as we wanted to get it just right. A delicious vegan and dairy free Victoria sponge cake sandwiched together with strawberry jam and vegan vanilla icing. Dusted on top with icing sugar. Perfect for all ages and occasions.

Vegan Baby Sponge Cakes - Our Vegan Baby Sponge Cakes box contains our two most popular vegan flavours in baby sponge form - Carrot and Chocolate! Come in boxes of 4 or 8. They come gift wrapped and with a personalised greetings card making them the perfect pressie for friends and loved ones.

Vegan Brownies

Brownies are a great treat to share with your loved ones or to enjoy by yourself, and our vegan brownies are gooey, fudgy and delicious just like regular brownies.

Vegan Chocolate Brownies - You'd never believe vegan brownies could taste this good! Our Vegan Chocolate Brownie is super fudgy in the middle with yummy vegan chocolate chunks running through it. It has a deliciously crisp outer shell with melted vegan chocolate drizzled over the top.

Vegan Speculoos Biscoff Brownies - Our Vegan Biscoff Brownie is full of sugar and spice and all things nice! A delicious vegan chocolate brownie - gloriously gooey in the middle with vegan chocolate chunks running throughout, topped with a generous layer of biscoff spread and then covered with a crunchy biscoff crumb. Chocolate and biscoff work perfectly together giving the vegan brownies a dark caramel flavour with hints of cinnamon and other spices. Pure bliss.

Vegan Baby Brownies - Our new Vegan Baby Brownies are here! Welcome to these mini gooey replicas of our full-size vegan brownies. Not only are they cute - they are the perfect size to have with a cuppa! Send to your pals for their birthday or as a surprise treat straight to their door - they come gift wrapped with a personalised greetings card.

Vegan Cake Cards

Cake cards are a unique gift that you can send through the post to brighten up someone’s day for any occasion. They consist of a card and a choice of one or two slices of yummy cake, all packaged together in a specially designed A5 box. Our Letterbox cake has been specifically designed this way to fit through a standard size letterbox, allowing us to send these unique gift cakes by post!

There are some delicious vegan cake slices to choose from, so you can put a smile on the face of your loved one's face, or send yourself a yummy vegan letterbox gift in the post.