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National Tea Day 2022

Tea and cake are a perfect match

Tea is a quintessential to being British (according to the rest of the world), we are known as big tea drinkers and lovers. I mean I think the majority of the UK has a brew day to day.

In fact, it is approximated that the British population drinks 100 million cups of tea a day, which is nearly 36 billion cups of tea per year. So, by that logic, I suppose we are massive tea drinkers! But, we only place 4th in the world for the list of countries that consume the most tea per capita, Turkey actually takes the crown of this with 3.16kg of tea consumption per capita. We consume 1.50kg of tea per capita.

But we are not in competition with anyone to drink the most cups of teas, we do it because we love the stuff! It’s only natural that we want to dedicate a day to celebrating this wonderful beverage. That is right on 21st April 2022, it is officially National Tea Day! And nothing goes better with tea than cakes and sweet treats.

We have a great range of cakes to choose from, as you probably already know. So why not treat yourself for National Tea Day? Whether you’re looking for a standard cake, gluten free cake, dairy free cake, vegan cake, or gluten and dairy free cake, we have a cake that everyone can enjoy.

Why not create your own afternoon tea experience with some of our baby sponge cakes and baby brownies? They are the perfect bite sized treat for an afternoon tea, or just by a small set to have as an afternoon treat while you put your feet up. Our baby sponge cakes are available in gift boxes of 4 or 8, there are set flavour boxes you can choose from, or you can create your own mixture! And our baby brownies are also available as set flavour gift boxes of 4 or 8 too!

If you’re looking for something chocolatey to pair with the perfect cuppa, we have a great range to choose from. We have a great selection of flavours available, and offer gluten free brownies, and vegan brownies, alongside our standard brownie range. So, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect brownie to enjoy with your drink.

You can add in tea bags as an extra with any of our cakes or brownies, so if for some reason you’ve run out of tea at home, or you want to create a lovely gift for a loved one, you can send some tea along with your treats.

Perhaps you’re looking for a little treat to send to your loved one? Or just for yourself? Either way, our Cake Cards are perfect letterbox gifts to send to someone. You get to choose a lovely card, add in a slice or two of delicious cake and you can add some extras too (including a tea bag or two), to create the perfect gift.

All of our wonderful treats are available for delivery across the UK. Just place your order online and add your delivery address and we will deliver your cakes, brownies, and cake cards wherever you are in the UK and straight to the door.