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Milk Free Birthday Cakes

Everyone can enjoy a yummy birthday cake

When you have an intolerance to certain foods it can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, you have to be aware of the ingredients in food items that you are consuming as it’s not always obvious that they are in certain foods.

One thing that has milk in that some may not realise is cake. This makes it a bit trickier when you’re trying to find a decent birthday cake. Although supermarkets have increased their free from ranges, they can be less than impressive in both design and taste. But there are alternative places to get milk free cakes, and you don’t even need to leave the house to get one!

We have a range of cakes that either have milk alternatives or no milk at all. Here are the milk free birthday cakes available:

Milk Free Cakes

Gluten and Dairy Free Elizabeth Cake - A gluten and dairy free cake with apricot and lemon flavours, ground almonds and finished with a golden crown of Demerara Sugar. Juicy sultanas, free range eggs, lemon juice, gluten free flour mix and ground almonds create this fruity sponge. Quality apricot jam binds the sponge together and demerara sugar is dusted on top for added crunch.

Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake - A delicious vegan and dairy free Victoria sponge cake sandwiched together with strawberry jam and vegan vanilla icing. Dusted on top with icing sugar. Perfect for all ages and occasions.

Soya Milk Cakes

Vegan Carrot Cake - Grated carrots, soya milk, walnuts, sultanas and cinnamon make a deliciously moist vegan sponge. Complimented with creamy vegan buttercream made from vegan butter and a dash of natural lemon flavouring. Crunched walnuts on top.

Vegan Chocolate Cake - Soya milk, chocolate and vegan butter create our delicious and indulgent vegan chocolate sponge. Our secret ingredient is coffee which really brings out the chocolate flavour! Nibbed cocoa pieces are sprinkled on top give some added crunch.

Vegan Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake - a deliciously moist chocolate sponge which is sandwiched together with lashings of caramel flavoured buttercream and chunks of vegan vanilla fudge. On top you will find more caramel buttercream finished off with more chunks of delicious salted caramel fudge and a sprinkling of cocoa nibs. Fudge, caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven!

Vegan Millionaires Cake - Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring and the other half is made with indulgent vegan chocolate. The vegan sponges are sandwiched together with a delicious caramel vegan buttercream, and finished off with a pretty drizzle of vegan chocolate on top.

Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Cake - Luxurious and rich with a moist and indulgent Sponge and a wonderfully thick layer of dairy free chocolate buttercream in the middle. On top you will find dairy free chocolate icing and topped with chocolate nibs. A real crowd pleaser!

Gluten and Dairy Free Victoria Sponge Cake - A light and fluffy vanilla gluten free sponge which is sandwiched together with strawberry jam and a generous layer of naturally flavoured vanilla dairy free buttercream. Icing sugar dusting on top.

You can order a milk free cake online by visiting our website, and they will be delivered straight to your door, wherever you are in the UK. And we even offer next day delivery when you place your order by 3pm.