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Get creative with a Brownie or Cake Decorating Kit

Nurturing creativity is a wonderful thing to do, and it’s always nice to be able to do it in different ways, allowing the imagination and creativity to come out in different disciplines. When our kids start showing interest in creating their own masterpieces, we love to see how their skills can develop.

The obvious thing to get them to do is to give them a piece of paper and some crayons or colouring pencils and see what they come up with. And they can come up with some interesting art. But if you want to give them an activity that’s a bit more interesting, why not get them to decorate a dessert instead?

We have put together some decorating kits that will allow them to use their imagination and give you something yummy to enjoy together at the end of it. Here is some more about our new decorating kits:

Get crafty with our new Chocolate Cake Decorating Kit. Create a scary space monster, a pretty flower scene or draw your own house! Comes with a leaflet with lots of ideas or you can come up with something unique - the options are endless :) The perfect activity for the weekends, birthdays or just for fun - for kids and adults alike. Remember to tag us @SpongeCakesLtd on socials so we can see your creations!

Brownie Decorating Kit - A delicious Triple Chocolate Brownie ready to decorate in whatever way you like! Contains 7 icing pens, Cadburys Milk Chocolate Buttons and Milkybar Buttons and some ideas for decorating. We've gone for a colourful rainbow here but you can come up with whatever design you want! We have lots of ideas that come with the pack or you can come up with something completely unique.

Cake Decorating Kit - Plain undecorated Chocolate Sponge Cake, 7 Icing Pens and a pack each of Cadburys Milk Chocolate Buttons and Milkybar Buttons. Contains leaflet with lots of ideas for decorating! We've gone for a scary space monster here but you can come up with whatever design you want! We have lots of ideas that come with the pack or you can come up with your own creation.

Decorating Kit Delivery

You can get our brownie decorating kits and cake decorating kits delivered straight to your home wherever you are in the UK. We also offer next day delivery when you order by 3pm, so it you have a sudden need to get creative, hop online and order one from Sponge for home delivery. Our Sponge cake delivery service and brownie delivery service are second to none with our robust designed packaging that keeps your order safe in transit.

Placing your order couldn’t be more straightforward, just place your cake or brownie order online on our website. Then you can select the delivery date from our handy calendar, whether you need your order for next day delivery, or want to place your order in advance, the choice is yours! Our calendar allows you to place your order as far in advance as you would like, and you can pick a delivery date that is convenient for you.

If you’re ordering a cake or brownie for a special occasion, we recommend selecting the delivery date for a day or two before you require your order to make sure it is there in plenty of time. This is in case there are problems with the delivery (breakdowns, exceptional circumstances, or events). Our cakes and brownies have either a 7 or 10 day life from the date of dispatch, depending on the flavour, so even if they arrive a day or two early, they will still be fresh and delicious on your special occasion.