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Why join our Sponge Club?

Find out the fantastic benefits to joining the Sponge Club!

Do you love cake? We do! I mean, I think that’s a pretty obvious thing to conclude, otherwise, why would we make them all day. The great thing about cake is that you don’t just have to have it to celebrate a birthday, there are many reasons to enjoy a slice or two (or a whole cake).

Whether you have lots of birthdays, special occasions, or just want to treat yourself regularly, Sponge Club could be for you.

There are many great reasons to join our Sponge Club, you’ll get exclusive benefits that our regular customers don’t receive. And all from as little as £2.99 a month or £33 for a whole year! Here are just some of the reasons why joining our Sponge club is a great idea:

Monthly Perks – who doesn’t love a perk or two? Each month we release a brand-new and exclusive perk for our club members to enjoy. And when we say exclusive, we mean it’s exclusive. Our club members get deals that no other customer will get, or get an extended offer, meaning you get to use a special offer a lot longer than other customers. The monthly offers are different each month, and range from exclusive cakes, to great discounts.

Exclusive Products – as we mentioned above club members get to try out some exclusive products, sometimes we make cakes especially for our club members. Other times you get exclusive access to new products before any other customer, so you can be one of the first to try our new goodies before they are released to anyone else!

FREE second slice on Cake Card – If you’ve tried our Cake Cards before, you know they make great letterbox gifts to send to your loved ones. And, as a club member, you’ll get the second slice of cake in our two slice Cake Cards for FREE. That’s right, a free second slice of cake in every Cake Card you send!

50% off Gift Cards – yes, you read that right. One of the perks of being a club member is that you get 50% off our gift cards to send to a loved one for their special occasion! What’s not to love about that?

Flash offers – Not only do you get our monthly perks, but you’ll also get access to flash offers! When you sign up you get put into our club members email list, which means that you will get notified whenever we have a flash offer with great deals on our delicious goodies!

FREE Standard Delivery – Possibly the best perk of all! Unlike placing a regular order, where you would have to pay for delivery, as a club member you get our standard delivery for FREE! That’s right, our standard delivery charge is £4.95, but you don’t need to worry about that when you’re a club member, because you’ll pay nothing for standard delivery on your orders! You get up to 52 FREE deliveries a year (that’s one a week), and you can have up to 5 deliveries a week, and if you order before 2pm, you can have your order delivered the very next day.

As you can see by these perks, joining the club for just £2.99 a month pays for itself! So, what are you waiting for? Join the Sponge Club today!