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Chocolate Brownies

Yummy chocolate brownies are on their way

In all the excitement of our brownie flavours, we almost forgot to mention the most important one! Can you believe it? We’ll we wanted to let you know that on top of all of our delicious brownie flavour options we will also be offering our plain chocolate brownies!

A lot of you did say not to spoil the traditional brownie with other flavourings, so we heard you. As we want everyone to be able to enjoy a delicious brownie, we didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so we set out to create a chocolate brownie that tastes delicious and has the right texture.

If you’ve ever tried to make a brownie before, you’ll know all too well that it is a fine art to get everything balanced right. You can quite easily over bake a brownie giving a more cake-like texture. Or, under baking is another risk, meaning you get a brownie that isn’t set at all and is very runny in the middle making it inedible. Another risk factor when it comes to brownies is undermixing, if you don’t mix certain ingredients for the right amount of time it can really make a difference to the overall texture of the brownie, especially when it comes to folding in flour and cocoa in the last stage. You need to ensure everything is incorporated into the mixture or you risk having lumps of flour ruining the whole brownie. Equally, you should be mindful not to over mix your ingredients too, this can lead you down the path of having overly chewy and ultimately very flat brownies, which would be a disaster!

So, as you can tell from the above it really does take a lot of skill and practice, trial, and error when it comes to creating the perfect batter consistency for brownies. Then you have to get the time in the oven just right to avoid the over baking or the under baking situation. There are many factors to consider, what time and temperature work for one oven may not work in another. Are you used to working with an electric oven and then suddenly have to switch to a gas oven instead? Well, again you will probably find that your brownies are going to need a slightly adjusted temperature and time.

It really does take a lot of time to perfect a brownie recipe and if you enjoy chocolate brownies and don’t know where to start or just can’t face going through the effort of making them yourself, you don’t need to worry. Very soon you’ll be able to order brownies online at All you’ll need to do to get a delicious brownie is visit our website, add your brownie to the basket, pop in the delivery details and soon the brownies will be delivered straight to your door.

Whether you’re looking for ‘brownies near me’ or are looking for brownie delivery in London, brownie delivery in Manchester, brownie delivery in Glasgow, brownie delivery in Birmingham, or brownie delivery anywhere else in the UK, Sponge will soon be delivering scrumptious brownies to your doorstep.

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