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Brownie Tasting Sessions

We’ve been doing a lot of brownie taste testing!

Sometimes it’s hard being us here at Sponge. We have started the gruelling task of taste-testing brownies to come up with some delicious recipes. We’ve spent some time thinking about where to start with our brownies, with our own research and then expanded to asking you what flavours you would like to see to give up a guide in direction.

Obviously, the place to start is perfecting a classic brownie recipe. This is always a challenge to get the consistency right to ensure the perfect texture is achieved, slightly cakey, but gooey and chewy, with a crackle on top. Luckily for us, Bryony has lots of experience in creating the perfect brownies, and we all love their taste and texture.

So, now that we have a great base recipe, it was time for us to start experimenting with flavours. For brownie flavours, we have started trying out these yummy brownies:

White chocolate and raspberry brownies – the flavours call to each other, the sweetness of white chocolate cuts through the sharpness of the raspberry flavour to create a perfect balance. These brownies taste divine with freeze-dried raspberries, instead of fresh, this is to avoid any extra moisture that can really affect the texture of the finished brownie. As a final touch white chocolate is drizzled over the brownie for an extra touch of sweetness.

Salted caramel brownies - chocolate and caramel, they go hand in hand, add a little more of a savoury taste with a sprinkling of salt and you have a winning combination. Smooth caramel runs through the chocolate base of this brownie, studded with caramel pieces for texture and decoration, and a drizzle of caramel on top.

Chocolate orange brownies – A classic combination, who doesn’t love a chocolate orange? Even better in brownie form (trust us). The citrus orange bursts through the chocolate, while not affecting the texture, with a chocolate drizzle and chocolate orange pieces make these look as gorgeous as they taste!

Kinder Bueno brownies – hazelnut and chocolate are another popular flavour combination that’s been around a while. Kinder Bueno is a great example of this, this delicious chocolate bar just lends itself to being introduced to a brownie to create an excellent indulgent treat. Hazelnut flavouring is mixed into the batter to give the nutty taste and then Kinder Bueno pieces are placed on top for texture and decoration.

Mint chocolate brownies – Often an after-dinner treat to cleanse the pallet after a meal, mint chocolate is a delightful treat for anyone. Mint chocolate pieces and Aero mint bubbles help to create this yummy brownie, they are used to add the minty freshness to the chocolate batter and to decorate the top.

We love all of these flavours already, but it’s just the start of our journey while creating an amazing range that everyone will adore. These could be top contenders for our brownie release, but there could be others thrown into the mix in the next coming weeks.

At Sponge, we’re getting increasingly excited to launch our new brownie range, so you can start ordering our brownies online. And, we simply can’t wait to start delivering brownies all over the UK to your door!

Keep an eye out for more brownie developments in our blog and via social media.