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Burns Night

Everything you need to know about Burns Night!

What is Burns Night?

Many people may not know what Burns Night is as this is something which is traditionally held in Scotland, but in other places as well. Burns night is celebrated on the 25th January, or around this date, and celebrates the life of the barb (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on the 25thJanuary 1759. He is recognised for his work of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ which is sung at New Year’s Eve celebrations in Scotland, parts of the United Kingdom and other places around the world. He is one of Scotland’s most important cultural icons!

What do people do on Burns Night?

Traditionally for Burns Night many people hold a Burns supper on or around Burns Night, which may be formal or informal, only for men, only for women, or for both genders. Formal events have toasts and readings of pieces written by Robert Burns and vary according to the group organising the event. The evening usually centres on the entrance of the haggis, which is a type of sausage prepared in a sheep’s stomach, and presented on a large platter to the sound of a piper playing bagpipes.

Symbols Associated with Burns Night

The Scottish flag is often displayed at Burns Night Celebrations and it is known as the Saltire and consists of a rectangular blue background with thick white bars on the diagonals. You will see that at Burns Nights that many of the men wear kilts and women wear shawls, skirts, or dresses from their family tartan.

Cakes for Burns Night

Seeing as Burns Night is a celebration, there is need for cake as well, with which to celebrate with! We have a great selection of cakes that are great additions to any occasion, and this includes Burns Night as well. Why not send a delicious cake to someone you know who is celebrating Burns Night?

Cake Delivery to Scotland

More than likely those who will be celebrating Burns Night will be Scotland, so it is a good thing that we can deliver our cakes all over the UK. All you need to do is find the perfect cake, select the size, add any personalisation items, input your address or a friend or family members, and then you can select the date you would like for it to be delivered. If you order before 2pm you may be eligible for next day delivery.

Facts about Burns Night

  • Robert Burns wrote hundreds of works- poems, songs, and letters- and performances of 716 of them were recorded.
  • Scottish haggis was banned in the US in 1971, as the Department of Agriculture took a dim view on one of its key ingredients – sheep’s lung.
  • Traditionally the dish is served with mashed turnips and potatoes.
  • On Sunday, the day after Burns Night festivities, people are being invited to throw rather than eat haggis at the Alloway 1759 Festival's Haggis Hurling Championship.