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NEW Flapjack

Introducing our delicious melt in the mouth flapjack...

Have you heard? Our delicious Flapjacks are now a Cake Card slice! They can be added to any card, and great for birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal occasions and any celebration! Make sure that you do not miss out on trying one!

Flapjack Origin

The flapjack has originated from the Isle of Man, Ireland and Newfoundland, with ‘flapjack’ referring to a deliciously sweet, tray-baked oat bar, made with rolled-oats, butter, sugar and golden syrup. You will find this yummy treat in other English-speaking countries but under other aliases, including muesli bar, cereal bar, granola bar or oar bar. Surprisingly enough you will find that in the United States and Canada refer to pancakes as flapjacks. It has been found that the word flapjack has been used as early as they 16th century, even Shakespeare refers to flapjacks. In Australia and New Zealand, a flapjack is an oat bar, and British Flapjacks are known to have a dense cookie like texture!

What makes ours better?

Our Flapjacks are extra special, as they incorporate everything brilliant this traditional sweet treat has to offer, with its chunky oats and sticky golden syrup. You will certainly realise why our flapjacks standout compared to the rest! They offer the perfect combination of firmness and moistness, creating a delicious melt in the mouth flapjack. Just like goldilocks would say, it is just right!

No matter what time of the day, our Flapjacks are perfect to enjoy. In the morning for a sweet breakfast treat, for a lunchtime snack, or accompanying a cuppa in an afternoon. Nothing can beat our delicious flapjack at teatime too! No matter what the occasion, our Flapjacks are the perfect addition to a Cake Card!

Personalised Flapjacks

As well as choosing from a great range of card front for your Cake Card, you can even create your own card by uploading your own photo! Great to add a personalised touch to a friend or family members card, ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and all celebrations and occasions. Add a little extra to your Flapjack Cake Card by adding tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate, face masks, balloons, candles or table sparkles to the card. Sprinkle more happiness in to the card for a special occasion, along with a delicious slice of flapjack!

Flapjack delivery

Our delicious flapjacks, within our Cake Cards, are delivered directly through letterboxes, to any address within the UK and with free delivery! Send a friend or family member, you aren’t able to see on their birthday, a special Flapjack Cake Card. Select the card front, choose the slices and other extras, input the address and then we will sort the rest.

Slice alternatives

Or looking for something other than Flapjack, we have over 7 different flavours of cake, including carrot, chocolate, coffee, lemon and much more. We also have our gluten free flavours including apple crumble, chocolate, carrot, Victoria and more. Not forgetting our vegan and dairy free carrot and chocolate cake flavours.

Alternatively, we have gift slices, including an assortment of sweets and chocolate. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!