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Cakes For The Office

Put a spring in everyone's step with some of our yummy cakes...

Within an office, even small improvements or positive changes will have a positive knock on impact on a team’s moral and productivity. Food, especially cake, has the power to bring people together, through enjoyment and sharing of the experience. We have specially designed cake packages to do just that! Offering two super office specific packages, the office cake box and the office party pack.

Office Cake Box

Have something to look forward to on a Friday afternoon, and get an office cake box ordered. It would be delivered straight to the office to give the office a well-deserved pick-me-up after a hardworking week! The package contains one super sharing sponge- which offers 14 different flavours in one sponge, ensuring there is a flavour everyone likes. 16 baby sponges, 15 Birchall tea bags, 15 little coffee sachets and napkins, are included too. Enough cake and drinks for up to 30 people to enjoy. Great for showing an office how thankful you are for all their hard work.

Office Party Packs

For a more significant event, such as an employee’s birthday, retirement party or company anniversary, we have great office party pack! Everything you need to have a party is provided, including a super sharing sponge, 16 baby sponges, 15 Birchall tea bags, 15 little coffee sachets, paper party hats, table sparklers, party poppers and 12 balloons! Certain to brighten up the office and everyone’s faces.

There is a choice of a baby sponge assortments, the quirky selection offers four of carrot, chocolate orange, Bakewell and apple crumble. The mix of traditional and quirky selection includes two of lemon, Victoria, coffee, chocolate, apple crumble, chocolate orange, carrot and Bakewell. Finally, the traditional selection contains four of lemon, Victoria, coffee and chocolate. You can select the best one that majority of the team will enjoy!

Sponge Fridays

Why not make every Friday in the office a Sponge Friday! Perfect for your end of the week meet or just to celebrate that it's Friday and perk up your colleagues. We pick one of our yummy cake flavours at random to be discounted each Friday. Order by 2pm on a Thursday to get the deal and it will be delivered to you the very next day!

Birthday Cakes

Let your employee know how valued they are in the company, and schedule an office party pack to arrive on their birthday. You can order in advance and select delivery date for their birthday. Think of every birthday celebration as a great way to boost team moral and company yield.

Staff Parties

Even plan staff parties in advance so everyone in the office has something to look forward to. To celebrate a whole range of special occasions including company anniversaries, leaving parties, retirements, promotions, and much more.


Provide the ultimate fuel for team meetings, by supplying one of our office cake boxes. Great for longer lasting meetings, ensuring no one goes hungry and that everyone is able to perform their best. Simply order online and we deliver it on your selected date straight to the office. Take the hassle away from getting food organised for meetings.

Free From

For your employees with special dietary requirements, they do not need to worry as we offer gluten free and vegan options too. For gluten free options, we offer over 8 whole cake flavours and 4 flavours in our baby sponges. As for vegan sponges we offer carrot and chocolate flavours. To ensure everyone is included this can be arranged!