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British Airways Centenary

Celebrating 100 years with British Airways!

Last month saw us add to our list of partnerships with British Airways again, this time helping them to celebrate their Centenary on the 25th August 2019. They settled on a bespoke branded box with their Centenary logo on top and brand colours with a Victoria Baby Sponge inside. Tailor made for the big day and handed out to some lucky customers and staff. In the past we have done a special bespoke flavour on request for British Airways, like we did last year for the Royal Wedding where we created a Lemon and Elderflower Sponge to match the flavour Harry and Meghan were having for their wedding cake. We have enjoyed working with British Airways a number of times over the last 7 or 8 years even going to their Head Office at Heathrow to Judge a GBBO themed charity event they had on where staff all brought in cakes they had made to be judged.

We have worked with all sorts of great companies from all over the UK on branded products whether it be for one off events like the British Airways Centenary or as an ongoing partnerships like we have with Nespresso. It’s a part of the business that is great fun to be involved in and drives our innovation in the Bakery and our creative juices on the design side. Bulk orders like this though do present challenges and at Sponge we are always up for a challenge, especially when we know it the outcome is putting smiles on so many people’s faces! Bulk orders obviously get companies bulk discounts too so it’s a great way for our corporate customers to get more for less!

Offering bespoke products and branding is a significant part of what we do and the flexibility, quality and attention to detail we offer is what has companies like British Airways come back again and again.

Our Corporate business is very important to us and continues to grow significantly every year. The great things is that every recipient of a corporate gift becomes a potential corporate customer themselves or at least a personal customer and we have found this has been the case time and time again.

If you have a requirement for an event or an ongoing project and the idea of bespoke branded cakes tickles your interest then please get in touch. We can offer bespoke flavours and packaging, just bespoke packaging or just bespoke flavours in our own packaging. Volumes permitting! We don’t just offer the branded boxes of course. Customers can have the cakes personalised themselves with toppers using a company logo or brand message. It seems that sending people cake gets you into people’s good books and is a great way of turning heads that you may be having difficulty turning! Corporate gifts can be very boring and forgettable at times- who wants a pen with your company logo on?!-but a branded selection of Baby Sponges in their own boxes or a larger cake topped with your company logo or message can really do the trick.