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Refer a friend!

Get free cake for referring a friend and give them 20% off their first order!

We've just launched our new 'Refer A Friend' offer which give you a chance to earn free sponge cake the more friends you refer!

How does it work?

When you sign up to our Refer A Friend scheme you will be sent an email containing a special code unique to you that you can share with your friends. This will give them 20% off their first order (as long as they are a new customer to Sponge and haven't ordered with us before). In return you will receive a digital 'wedge' of sponge cake.

Now here is the fun part - once you have collected two wedges of Sponge (and referred two friends) you will get the chance to redeem a free 2 slice Cake Card! OR you could save your two wedges and wait until you have receive 4 wedges of Sponge (and referred a total of 4 friends) and you will get the chance to claim a free Sponge for 8 in any flavour you like!

Once you have received 4 wedges make sure to claim your gifts otherwise if you refer any more friends you won't receive your sponge wedge - the counter needs to go back to zero before you can start building them up again :)