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New Gin & Tonic Cake

We have just launched our second cocktail themed cake of the summer...

We have just launched our second cocktail themed cake of the summer - A Gin and Tonic Sponge Cake! Sadly we had to say goodbye to the first very popular Espresso Martini Cake to make way for our new cocktail cake - but we think you are going to love it just as much (or maybe even a bit more!).

Our Gin and Tonic sponge cake took a while to get right and we had to make quite a few batches before we were happy with it. However, we are really happy with the finished product and hope you are too.

Our refreshing gin and tonic cake is bursting full of juniper berries, fresh lime, lashings of Gordon's gin infused buttercream and candied lemons on top.

The Sponge

The sponge is made from free range eggs, soaked juniper berries, fresh lime zest and juice to create a refreshingly light and zesty cake. The juniper berries give the sponge a subtle piney and fruity flavour with a hint of citrus just like a gin and tonic. We have soaked them beforehand and ground them up finely so there are little flecks throughout the sponge. Gin gets its predominant flavour from juniper berries so we knew we had to include them somewhere and they fit perfectly in the sponge mix. We found that fresh lime zest and juice gave the sponge an extra zing and complemented the juniper berries perfectly.

The Buttercream

We decided to make the buttercream extra boozy with a big whack of Gordon's gin whipped in to fresh English butter and sugar. An extra thick layer of boozy buttercream sits in the middle of the sponge and a thin layer is spread on top. We've sprinkled the top with some pretty candied lemons to give a bit of extra flavour and texture.

We think our new cocktail cake has all the aromatic flavour of a glass of G&T and is the perfect cake to enjoy for summer birthdays, parties and bbq's. Enjoy a wedge with a gin cocktail for the ultimate taste experience! Let us know how you have enjoyed yours this summer and what you think :)

Cake Card

We will also have a Gin and Tonic cake slice flavour coming soon to our Cake Card so you can add a yummy slice or two to send to friends and family through the post. It's just as yummy in slice form! Our Cake Cards start from just £7.95 so if you wanted to try a slice or two before committing to a whole cake then you could order one of these first :) We have lots of different card fronts to choose from for a wide range of occasions or you can even upload your own photo to the front!

Gluten Free

Also coming VERY SOON is a gluten free version of our Gin and Tonic cake! Keep your eyes peeled - you won't be able to tell the difference between our gluten free version and our standard version. We have put candied lime wedges on the top of our gluten free version so it is easy to tell the difference.