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Move Over Cupcakes...

The history behind the novel craze of cupcakes can be attributed to two things. Back in the eighteen hundreds before modern ovens, cupcakes...

The history behind the novel craze of cupcakes can be attributed to two things. Back in the eighteen hundreds before modern ovens, cupcakes were originally baked in ceramic tea cups or ramekins so in effect individual cups of cake because ovens were not advanced enough to bake a full-sized sponge cake without burning. It is also believed that cupcake is a reference to the American measuring technique in which the proportion of measurement of mixture was then given as a title to the cake itself.

Do Sponge make cupcakes?

In our opinion - cupcakes are soooo yesterday's news – with hundreds of varieties, shapes and sizes, cupcakes now appear to be an overcrowded, slightly uninspiring market. We wanted to create something a little different and unique. We are passionate about sponge cakes and had the idea to 'shrink ray' our big sponge cakes down in to miniature versions - the perfect single portion. It was also easy to adapt our traditional, quirky, gluten free and seasonal specials in to Baby Sponge size so we could offer all the flavours in single portion size as well! Individually packaged, delightfully delicate cute Baby Sponges – a perfect rival to the usual cupcake.

What is the Baby Sponge Range?

With over fourteen flavours to choose from, our Baby Sponge Gift Boxes start as a four or eight selection of individual baby sponges in traditional, quirky or choose your own flavours. Our ‘traditional’ baby gift box consists of Victoria sponge cake, Lemon cake, Chocolate cake and Coffee cake and either replace or add on our ‘quirky’ range including flavours of Chocolate Orange cake, Bakewell cake, Apple Crumble cake and Carrot cake. Choose your own gives you the choice and flexibility to mix and match all of your favourite flavours.

If you are entertaining more guests or treating the office to a Baby Sponge, our Baby Party Boxes start at sixteen individual baby sponges and go up to forty! Again you can select the options of traditional, quirky or choose your own.

What size are the Baby Sponges?

Our baby sponges (boxed) measure 55mm (W) X 60mm (H) X 55mm (D) and are individually wrapped and packaged making a great display for your party, afternoon tea or even as a wedding favour! We estimate three moderate mouthfuls so slightly larger than your average cupcake and we can guarantee freshness with a shelf life of five days after delivery. Our Baby Sponges are perfectly suitable for home freezing with many of our loyal customers choosing to order a few extras to pop in the freezer for a rainy day – now you can’t do that with a cupcake can you?!

How much are the Baby Sponges?

Prices start from £10.50 plus delivery however if you belong to the Sponge Club you can take advantage of the FREE DELIVERY perk available for just £2.99 per month or a one-off annual payment of £33.

Babies for Wedding Favours

Thinking about Sponge for your big day? We have got you covered including using baby sponges to create a centre showstopper on your traditional wedding cake table or how about replacing those boring wedding favours with a Baby Sponge for each of your guests? Our packages of 55, 100 or 120 baby sponges are both affordable and a point of difference to your special day. You can take advantage of the 14 flavours including gluten free and dairy free for any dietary intolerances with your weddings guests.