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Chocolate Orange Sponge Friday!

    The Sponge Of Love! Harriett emailed us her Sponge Moment... “I hadn't spoken to my ex in around 3 months due to a little fall o...

Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday from just £9.99!
Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday from just £9.99!

The Sponge Of Love!

Harriett emailed us her Sponge Moment...

“I hadn't spoken to my ex in around 3 months due to a little fall out, I started to miss him more and more but had no way of contacting him at the present time until I came across

I knew how much he loved sweet treats and thought that a personalised sponge saying "Sorry" would of been the giggle we both needed in order to laugh our little argument off.

All I can say is that it got us talking again, and now things are exactly how they used to be.

We even shared the cake - that's something I never thought would happen, but it did.

All I can say, is if you've had a fall out with somebody who was once close to you - rather than having the emotional talk it sometimes takes in order to forgive one another - a piece of cake offering is the alternative!!

Thank you, Harriett"

WIN a SPONGE Friday!

We give a SPONGE Friday each week to the best Sponge Moment. Send yours by email, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win!

Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday!

"I was sent one for a special birthday in May and LOVED it. Decided to buy one myself and saw the buy one get one 'free' for a friend offer so I went for it!" Jill from Hampton Hill

Order by 2pm this Thursday 23rd October

7” Chocolate & Orange Sponge £9.99 or 10” for £16.99

Click here to order your Chocolate & Orange Sponge Friday!

Bonfire Night Competition!


We have teamed up with the lovely Mallow and Marsh (as seen on BBC2 Dragon's Den!) for a toasty Bonfire Night competition! We have THREE sets of prizes up for grabs:

- A scrummy Mallow and Marsh Gift Box (perfect for toasting on your bonfire!)

- A Traditional and Quirky Baby Sponge Gift Box

For a chance to win enter HERE!

T: @mallowandmarsh


Last Chance To Enter!


We have teamed up with our friends at Snazaroo for a spooktastic Halloween competition! We have three sets of prizes up for grabs - containing:

- A Scary Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Kit from Snazaroo

- A Haunted Halloween Sponge Cake

For a chance to win enter HERE! Competition closes at 10am Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

Snazaroo is a much loved face paint brand, used by mums and face painters all over the world. They pride themselves on their great quality paints, which are fun and easy to apply and even easier to wash off.

Mmmm... Tea!

There's nothing better than munching on a Sponge with a steaming mug of your favourite tea...

We now have a new selection of award-winning teas available on our website! Simply pick which Sponge you would like, add to basket, then choose which delicious tea you would like to go with it!

Sponge Birthday Shoutouts!

Here are this week's birthday shoutouts: Amanda Walsh, Leah Sellers, Audrey McDayall, Tim Whiteman, Carly Wise, Kim Stannett, Rachel White, Denise Burgis, Stuart Phin and Beth King. Hope you all have great days! x

Micro Scooters, the inventors of the Micro scooter are the scooters you see everywhere. Swiss designed and engineered their range of children’s and adult scooters are loved by millions of the families in the UK. We have teamed up with them to award one of our birthday shout-outs out a Mini Micro scooter every month! To be in with a chance of winning simply join our Sponge Family HERE and let us know when your birthday is coming up!

Click here to find the perfect Micro scooter for you...

*The monthly winner will be announced at the end of each month. Terms and Conditions.