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Top 10 Best Topped Cakes You Need to Try

Cakes are the centerpiece of any celebration, and when it comes to finding the perfect cake, nothing beats one with a delightful and creative topping.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or just a special occasion, these topped cakes are sure to impress. We've compiled a list of the top 10 best topped cakes from Sponge, each one featuring a unique and charming design that makes it almost too beautiful to eat.

Highland Cow Topped Cake

Get a taste of the countryside with the adorable Highland Cow Cake. This cake is perfect for animal lovers. With its cute cow face and intricate details, it's a showstopper for any event.

Order the Highland Cow Cake here

Horse Topped Cake

Celebrate the spirit of the wild with the majestic Horse Cake. This beautifully crafted cake features a detailed horse design, making it a fantastic choice for equestrian enthusiasts or anyone who loves the elegance of these animals.

Order the Horse Cake here

Dragon Topped Cake

Unleash the magic at your next celebration with the Dragon Cake. This cake's vibrant and mythical design is perfect for fantasy lovers and those who want to add a bit of enchantment to their special day.

Order the Dragon Cake here

Frog Topped Cake

Jump into a fun and playful celebration with the Frog Cake. With its cheerful frog design, this cake is sure to bring smiles to the faces of guests young and old. It's an ideal choice for children's parties or anyone who enjoys a bit of lighthearted fun.

Order the Frog Cake here

Giraffe Topped Cake

Stand tall with the Giraffe Cake, a delightful treat featuring the gentle giant of the animal kingdom. This cake is perfect for animal-themed parties or for anyone who loves the unique charm of giraffes.

Order the Giraffe Cake here

Abstract Cat Topped Cake

For a cake that's as artistic as it is delicious, choose the Abstract Cat Cake. This cake's modern and stylish design makes it a great choice for cat lovers and those who appreciate contemporary art.

Order the Abstract Cat Cake here

Dachshund Topped Cake

Celebrate with man's best friend in cake form with the Dachshund Cake. This charming cake is perfect for dog lovers and adds a touch of cuteness to any event with its adorable sausage dog design.

Order the Dachshund Cake here

Shark Topped Cake

Dive into an ocean of fun with the Shark Cake. This cake's exciting and bold design makes it a great centerpiece for aquatic-themed parties or for anyone who enjoys a thrilling touch to their dessert.

Order the Shark Cake here

Bee Topped Cake

Buzz with joy over the delightful Bee Cake. Perfect for garden parties and nature enthusiasts, this cake features a sweet bee design that is sure to create a buzz among your guests.

Order the Bee Cake here

Elephant Topped Cake

Make a grand statement with the Elephant Cake. This cake's intricate and majestic elephant design makes it a standout choice for any celebration, especially for those who admire these magnificent creatures.

Order the Elephant Cake here

Each of these cakes is a masterpiece in its own right, combining delicious flavors with stunning designs. Whether you're planning a themed party or just want to surprise someone with a unique treat, these topped cakes from Sponge are sure to make any occasion unforgettable.