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Gluten-Free Goodness

Welcome to Sponge, the company that’s not just about baking but about breaking barriers and making everyone’s lives a little bit sweeter, literally!

If you haven’t heard, we’re have been on a mission to get that golden Coeliac UK accreditation and we can happily announce WE’VE GOT IT! And we wanted to tell you why this isn’t just a cherry on top but a crucial slice of our cake (pun very much intended).

Sweet Treats for All

Imagine this: It’s your birthday, and someone presents you with a cake that’s off-limits because of gluten intolerance. Devastating, right? At Sponge, we believe no one should miss out on cake, especially when it's meant to celebrate life's precious moments. By securing Coeliac UK accreditation, we ensure that everyone, even those with coeliac disease, can enjoy our delicious creations without worry in the world.

Why is it a big deal?

Now, why is this accreditation such a big deal? For starters, Coeliac UK accreditation isn’t just a stamp; it’s a badge of honour that tells our customers, “Hey, we’ve got your back!” It means rigorous standards, regular audits, and top-notch gluten-free ingredients that make our cakes not only safe but scrumptious. It’s like having a Michelin star but for being fabulous at making gluten-free goodies.

Baked with Confidence

Let’s get a bit technical—don’t worry, we’ll keep it fun. Coeliac UK sets the bar high. They scrutinize everything from our sourcing and storage to our baking processes. This meticulous approach ensures cross-contamination is as welcome in our bakery as a soggy bottom on Bake Off. With this accreditation, our customers can confidently dive into our cakes, knowing they’re crafted with the utmost care and quality and made completely in a separate bakery.

No compromises

At Sponge Cakes Ltd, we believe you shouldn't have to compromise on taste just because you choose gluten-free. Our gluten-free cakes are moist, fluffy, and bursting with flavour—just like our standard cakes!

Why Our Gluten-Free Cakes Stand Out:

✨ Moist and Delicious: No more dry, crumbly bites. Every slice is pure bliss.

✨ High-Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest, ensuring every cake is top-notch.

✨ Indistinguishable Taste: You won't believe it's gluten-free!

The Delicious Demand

The gluten-free market is booming like never before. People aren’t just seeking gluten-free options out of necessity but out of choice. And why wouldn’t they, when gluten-free can taste this good?

By obtaining Coeliac UK accreditation, Sponge Cakes Ltd is positioning itself at the forefront of this delicious demand. We’re making ourselves the safe, go-to choice for anyone and everyone craving a cake that’s both delectable and inclusive.

An Inclusive Slice of Life

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Sponge. Our cakes aren’t just baked to perfection; they’re baked with a purpose. Coeliac UK accreditation aligns with our mission to make joyous moments accessible to all. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or just a Wednesday, we believe everyone deserves a slice of happiness.

So, here’s to safe, scrumptious, and utterly irresistible cakes for all. Because at Sponge, we’re not just making cakes; we’re making memories—one slice at a time.