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Raw Brownie

A delicious no-bake brownie

We have an exciting new addition to the Sponge brownie range! Our raw brownie is a new treat available for delivery. Unlike traditional chocolate brownies, these brownies are made with ingredients which mean that it doesn’t have to be baked.

What is a raw brownie?

Raw brownies are thought to be a healthier, no-bake alternative to traditional baked brownies. Typically made using natural, unprocessed ingredients and are suitable for those following a raw food diet.

A raw food diet predominantly focuses on uncooked and unprocessed food, consisting mainly of fruit vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains, and excludes animal products and foods that have been cooked at temperatures above 48°C (or 118°F).

Raw brownies often have a dense, fudgy texture and a rich chocolate flavour. Since they are not baked, the ingredients retain the natural nutrients and enzymes, which is why they are viewed as a nutritious alternative to traditional brownies. However, it is important to remember that raw brownies are still calorie-denes due to certain ingredients, so they should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Our raw brownie development

We started developing our raw brownie several months ago, we get some recipes together and create various version on the same product (in this case our raw brownie), sometimes it might be as simple as slightly different quantities of ingredients. Then comes the hardest part of our job, we taste test these creations internally, and give our honest opinions to work out which is the most favourable version. Then we make a few tweaks to the original recipe until we are satisfied, we have a great product.

This time, as the raw brownie is a bit of a different venture for us, we wanted to know the thoughts from our customers. So, we invited our club members to be our taste testers and try our raw brownie before anyone else. We had a limited number of raw brownies that our club members could get their hands on, and they were gone really quickly, so it was a really positive experience from that point.

Once our club members received their raw brownies and had a chance to taste them, we asked them to send us their honest feedback with a survey. We wanted to know what we had right and whether there were any improvements we needed to make before we officially launched our products. And we honestly got some great feedback, both with just positives for the product, and valuable insights into how we could make it even better.

So, we went back to our recipe and made some adjustments based on our club survey, we tasted it internally again with the suggestions and we are really pleased we took the feedback onboard. It’s made our raw brownie even better.

Raw brownie

We’ve officially launched our raw brownie, so everyone can get their hands on this new rich, indulgent treat for a special occasion, or just an afternoon snack.

Calling all dark chocolate lovers; the new Raw Brownie is perfect for you! Indulgent dark chocolate mixed with desiccated coconut, pureed dates, and ground almonds with a silky-smooth chocolate ganache on top. Not only is this scrumptious raw brownie gluten-free, but it's also vegan! If you're a fan of a rich dark chocolate kick, then you'll adore the no-bake brownie.

See what our customers have to say about our raw brownie:

“Very nice especially if you don't love super sweet. It felt almost good for you! Great for grown ups treats!” – Rebecca D

“We're not a gluten-free family - but, we all agreed that the raw ingredients just sounded SO good! We were not disappointed! Rich, dense and so full of flavor. Fondant icing literally the icing on the...brownie! Delicious! We've been slicing off slivers and enjoying as a post-dinner sweet treat all week. Would definitely recommend for folks who are GF”. – Corie P

“The whole family liked it. Very chocolaty and not too sweet”. – Orsolya B

“Extremely rich, a brownie to be savoured over a reasonable period of time. You can taste the coconut, firm thumbs up from both the coeliac (me) and dairy intolerant bestie! Thank you for the Sponge Club taste test opportunity!” – Suzy W

Lovely chocolaty flavour, very rich,and moist -a small portion is enough, Perfect with a few rasberries and a cool cream. delightful to have gf and df choices.” – Adele H

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