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21st Birthday Cakes

Make Turning 21 Extra Special

Your 21st birthday is a big celebration; we may wonder why that is. You’re an adult as soon as you turn 18, so why is your 21st birthday anything to shout about? The age of majority being 18 didn’t actually change until The Family Law Act of 1969 came around and the age was revised down from 21.

For a long time, 21 was the age that you became an official adult in the UK and could set out into the world on your own. It makes sense in some ways, as most people will have properly started to mature at that age and have some sense of financial responsibility. So now, when you turn 18, you can legally get married without permission from your parents (although in Scotland it is legal to get married at 16 without parental consent), buy alcohol and tobacco, and move to live independently if you want to.

“I’ve got the keys to the door, never been 21 before” is a famous rhyme that many will be familiar with. In 1753 The Marriage Act declared that anyone under the age of 21 could not be married without parental consent. It’s quite likely that is influenced the celebration of 21st birthdays and made them such special milestones. In America, this still is somewhat true. As you are not legally allowed to buy or consume alcohol until your 21st birthday, they make a huge fuss about turning 21, and you can’t really blame people for wanting to celebrate.

The significance of the age of 21 years can be linked back to Norman times, for those training to be Knights. From the age of 7 years old boys could become a page to a Knight, and then when they reached the age of 14 they could then become a squire. By the age of 21 they would then have been eligible to become a Knight in their own right if he was successful in their previous roles.

This was eventually extended to everyone (not just Knights), being thought of as coming of age, at 21. Although it didn’t always coincide with rights. For instance, although the right to vote was won by the suffrage movement and women we able to vote by 1918, they had to be age 30 and met a property qualification to vote. It wasn’t until 1928 that women aged 21 could vote.

For a long time, 21 was significant as many people will have wed in their 21st year and moved into their own property as newlyweds, which is where the keys to the door come in. It’s also thought to be why a key is often used to represent the 21st birthday, with gifts of keys or key-shaped items are given to the birthday person.

Like any birthday, we always want to make a big deal of our loved ones, and we think it’s nice that we want to keep traditions alive, so we still think it’s nice to make a big fuss about someone when they turn 21. Whether that’s a big party with everyone, or you want to create an experience for them, you can create lasting memories for them to cherish. One outlandish idea could be a trip to Vegas, after all, they’d be legally allowed to drink, and gamble in the USA, so you could send them on a trip of a lifetime for their 21st!

An important part of any party is making sure you have the perfect cake! Cakes are usually a staple for a celebration, so of course you’re going to want to get them a great 21st birthday cake. Sponge has a great range of birthday cakes that are perfect for a 21st birthday.

If they have a particular flavour they enjoy then you’re in luck, we have a fabulous range of flavours to choose from in all of our ranges, from classics such as Victoria Sponge Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Lemon Drizzle Cake, to quirkier flavours such as our Speculoos cake.

Perhaps, as it’s such a special occasion, you want to get them an extra special cake. In which case we would definitely recommend our Pinata Cake or our Rainbow Cake, which will provide a wow factor as soon as the first slice is removed from the cake.

Looking for a personalised 21st birthday cake? We have a whole range of personalised cake options. Our personalised 21st number cakes are a great choice, you get to choose from a Victoria cake or a Chocolate cake, and then you can choose a topper design and add a number to it. Or, why not create a photo cake, and put your favourite photo of them on top of a cake or design a topper to make it fit the theme of the party.

If they have a dietary requirement, we can help there too. We have lots of cakes to suit dietary requirements; gluten free cakes, vegan cakes, dairy free cakes, gluten and dairy free cakes, and even no refined sugar cakes. No matter what, you’ll be able to find the perfect cake for their special birthday.

Sponge offer next day delivery on our cakes all over the UK, when you order by 3pm. So, if you can’t be with a loved one on a special occasion, or want a delicious birthday cake delivered to your door, or have a cake emergency, we will ensure that your cakes are delivered safely and securely straight to your front door. Our Sponge cake delivery service is second to none with our robust designed packaging that keeps your order safe in transit.

When you’re ordering a cake for a special occasion, we recommend selecting the delivery date for a day or two before you require your order to make sure it is there in plenty of time. This is in case there are problems with the delivery (breakdowns, exceptional circumstances, or events). Our cakes have either a 7 or 10 day life from the date of dispatch, depending on the flavour, so even if they arrive a day or two early, they will still be fresh and delicious on your special occasion.