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Delivery Before Christmas

Get your cakes delivered in time for Xmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly! And what makes us happier than anything else? Cake! Of course, it’s cake for us at Sponge. It couldn’t have been anything else. And we love the idea of everyone being joyful at Christmas time with a Sponge cake on your Christmas table. That being said if you’re planning on ordering a cake from us to finish your festive feast, we want to make sure you’re not disappointed. So, we want to make sure you know some of the key information to get your Christmas orders delivered in time for Xmas Day.

Our top tip for getting your delivery in time for Christmas is to try not to leave it until the last minute to order. The risk is twofold, we could run out of capacity to make your favourite festive cake, or you may miss out on the limited delivery slots we have available.

As you know, we don’t like disappointing anyone, especially at this time of year. That’s why we always encourage you to get your orders in for Christmas as soon as possible, this is so our bakery team can prepare for the volume of orders they will have. This is particularly important for our seasonal special bakes.

And, when it comes to choosing a delivery date, we will always recommend you choose a delivery date a few days before the big event. The pressure on courier services has increased again, due to the volume of parcels being delivered going up due to the festive period. We work hard with our courier to provide you with the best delivery service possible, however, there’s always a chance that other unexpected issues can occur. For instance, when a delivery van has an unexpected breakdown, despite all precautions being taken it can have a knock-on effect. So, wherever possible we do suggest that you select a delivery date a few days before Christmas itself so that you know that your cake or gifts are there in time.

Don’t worry if your cakes do arrive a few days early, our cakes have either a 7-day or 10-day shelf life from the date of dispatch. If you’re ordering a bit further in advance, you can always pop your cake straight into the freezer when it arrives. Just keep it in its original packaging. Get the cake out on Christmas Eve and pop it in a nice cosy spot, out of direct sunlight, and your cake will be ready to enjoy on the evening of Christmas Day.

Have you seen our Christmas range? We have a great selection of Christmas cakes for the whole family to enjoy on the big day. From surprising festive pinata cakes to decorating cake kits to keep the kids entertained, and more. There are also great gift options to choose from that will please anyone who receives one. We are sure there is a cake to make everyone smile this year; you’ll find the perfect cake for the family to tuck into on Christmas Day.