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Thank You Gifts for Staff

Send them a treat for everything they do

Everyone needs a bit of praise every now and then, and when it’s your employees, giving them a few perks to let them know you appreciate all that they do for you. Offering benefits and perks are a good way to helping with staff retention, when someone feels truly appreciated and they enjoy what they do, they tend to stay with you longer.

Whether you own the company or you are management with a staff budget, considering what benefits and perks to offer your employees is important, and when they receive it too. You may want to ask them what they want, alongside deciding some of the perks based on deals you can get. We would recommend giving some kind of perk around birthdays as everyone should be able to enjoy something special on their day.

But just saying thank you can go an extra-long way to making a staff feel good about where they work, so why not give them a gift to make them feel like you appreciate them. We have a lot of businesses approach us about helping them to deliver thank you gifts for they staff members, and we have a few options to offer which are ideal for any size budgets:

Cake Cards

Cake Cards are a unique gift that you can send through the post to brighten up someone's day for any occasion, and they are perfect to send as little thank you gifts for staff. They consist of a card and a choice of one or two slices of yummy cake or treats, all packaged together in a specially designed card box. Our letterbox cake cards have been specifically designed this way to fit through a standard size letterbox, allowing us to send these unique gift cakes by post!

There are lots of personalisation options too, with extra items and unique cards to create the perfect gift. Send a gift card with a little something extra!

Choose from our extensive selection of card designs for every occasion, or just to spread some love. You can then add your very own message so they know who sent such a personal gift. You will then be able to choose from our long list of cakes, treats and tipples including options for free from and even seasonal specials! Then we will package it all up in our custom made cake card boxes and post it straight through their letterbox for the perfect letterbox surprise!

Baby Sponges

A great alternative to cupcakes - our baby sponges are cute mini replicas of our bigger whole cakes! Perfect for gifts and events as they are all individually boxed and come in a variety of flavours.

Cute baby versions of our whole sponge cakes - these mini cakes are the perfect size to have with a cuppa. We have over 15 flavours to choose from including gluten free and some limited edition flavours too. Available in packs of 4, 8, 16, 40, 80 or 120. Our packs of 4 and 8 are gift wrapped for gifting, and our larger packs of 16, 40, 80, and 120 are for parties and arrive in their individual boxes unwrapped.

Personalised Photo Cakes

Our Photo Cakes are the perfect gift to say thank you! You can get creative and upload your own photo and add personalised text, or choose from one of our fun pre-designed toppers! We have lots of designs to choose from, so whatever the occasion we've got something for everyone! They’re ideal to share between a team in the office, or you could send one each to your staff to say a big thank you.