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Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten free treats for delivery across the UK

When you’re looking for a gluten free cake, you need to be mindful of the environment that the cakes are made in. If you only have a mild intolerance, or choose to avoid gluten, then it might not be as much of an issue. But for those who have gluten allergies or severe intolerances, it is a big issue.

When gluten free food is made in the same kitchen or bakery as non-gluten free items, it increases the risk of cross contamination, which can be a big no-no for anyone who has to strictly avoid gluten. So, having a separate gluten free kitchen or gluten free bakery will really reduce the risk of cross contamination.

At Sponge, we have a separate section dedicated to our gluten free bakes, aiming to significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination by keeping the different bakes (gluten and gluten free) separate from each other. We want everyone to be able to have a delicious cake or brownie as a treat or for a celebration. And we do have a great range of gluten free celebration cakes and brownies available to order only for home delivery.

Gluten Free Cakes

Gluten Free Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake - Our new gluten free summer special is here and what a treat it is! One of our favourite flavour combinations - white chocolate and raspberries. Perfect for summer it's light, fruity and a little bit decadent with the lashings of white chocolate on top! A lovely dessert for summer evenings, BBQs and parties.

Gluten Free Pinata Cake - Our Gluten Free Pinata Cake has a rich and deep four layered chocolate sponge cake, smothered in chocolate buttercream and chocolate flakes, with a fun and colourful surprise centre. Perfect for birthday celebrations!

Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake - Free range eggs, gluten free flour mix, ground almonds and natural vanilla flavouring create a wonderfully light gluten free vanilla sponge. English butter and natural vanilla create a thick and creamy buttercream matched perfectly with strawberry jam.

Gluten Free Coffee Cake - The sponge is made with quality coffee, gluten free flour mix, ground almonds and free range eggs creating a velvety and light coffee flavoured cake. Coffee is also whipped in to the buttercream and delicious chocolate coffee beans sit on top. A coffee lovers dream...

These are just a few of the fabulous gluten free cake options we have available, there are plenty more to choose from in our online cake shop.

Gluten Free Brownies

Just like our cakes, we have a wonderful range of gluten free brownies available for delivery across the UK. If you don’t fancy a cake but you do want a sweet treat to brighten up your day, then a gluten free brownie is a great alternative. Here are a couple of the options available:

Four Sharing Brownie - The ultimate brownie sharing box! Four of our scrumptious and gooey brownies flavours in one - Triple Chocolate, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Hazelnut Praline Brownies. Each brownie flavour wedge cuts in to two generous portions serving 8 in total. Perfect as a dessert, an alternative to a birthday cake or as a treat for the family!

Triple Chocolate Brownie - Our classic Triple Chocolate Brownie is gloriously gooey in the middle with melted triple chocolate chunks running throughout. It is encased with a crunchy top and decorated with a triple chocolate drizzle. Pure. Chocolate. Heaven.

Vegan Chocolate Brownie - You'd never believe vegan brownies could taste this good! Our Vegan Chocolate Brownie is super fudgy in the middle with yummy vegan chocolate chunks running through it. It has a deliciously crisp outer shell with melted vegan chocolate drizzled over the top. And it’s made with gluten free flour making it dairy and gluten free!

There are other options available, so plenty of options to choose from.