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Cocktail Day 2022

Add a cocktail to your order to celebrate!

A cheeky cocktail always goes down well, whether you’re celebrating something or just kicking back and relaxing. And there are so many different types – if you’re going for a slightly naughty bottomless brunch, you may be inclined to have a Mimosa – or you might go with a pub classic Woo Woo and when you’re on holiday by the beach you may go for a Margarita. There is a cocktail suitable for every occasion, some are sweet, others are bitter. But if you’ve tried many a cocktail, there’s no doubt that you will have a favourite.

Cocktails are increasing in popularity, and there are always new concoctions being invented by mixologists across the globe. So, it’s no wonder there is a whole day dedicated to these delicious tipples on the 13th May 2022.

Something you may not know is that we sell cocktails alongside our cakes, brownies, and Cake Cards. So, if you’re celebrating something special, or are looking for an extra special treat for a gathering with your friends, or even if you want to send something to your loved one for something, you can include a cocktail to create a wonderful treat or gift.

Here are the cocktails we have available for you to add to your cakes, brownies, or Cake Cards:

Nuts About You Cocktail - A delicious chocolate nut cocktail made with triple filtered vodka, dark chocolate syrup and hazelnut. A touch of delicious chocolate bitters gives added depth. Perfect served ice cold in a liqueur or martini glass. For an extra special serve we recommend slowly pouring 10ml of double cream, or a vegan-alternative, over the top as a float. Best served with chocolate cake on the side.

85ml, 15.4% ABV

Ingredients: Vodka, dark chocolate syrup, hazelnut, chocolate bitters

Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail - A deliciously refreshing cocktail made with gin and hints of raspberry. Serve over cubed ice. Tope with prosecco or soda, garnish with lemon.

Ingredients: London dry gin, sugar-free natural raspberry syrup, citric acid & water

85ml | 13.2% ABV | 1.1 UNITS

Victoria Sponge Martini Cocktail - A cake in a cocktail! Gin with strawberry liqueur and hints of raspberry and vanilla make this yummy cocktail. Pour into a martini glass and top with a strawberry.

Ingredients: London dry gin, strawberry liqueur, vanilla, raspberry, vanilla syrup & water

85ml | 12.4 ABV | 1 UNIT

We’re sure one of these delicious cocktails will go down a treat for you or as part of a gift for someone you love. Our cakes, brownies, and Cake Cards can be delivered anywhere in the UK. So, no matter where you or your loved one are in UK, you can get a delicious treat with a cocktail delivered to the door. And if you order by 3pm we also offer next day delivered. Alternatively, if you’ve got a special date in mind, you can also place your order in advance. We do recommend for extra special occasions that you select a delivery date for a day or two before the special occasion.