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Branded Cakes

Cakes with company logos

Companies like to celebrate success and special occasions, just like anyone else. No celebration is complete without a cake, that’s why many choose cake as a gifting option!

There are other reasons that a company may want a branded cake, but generally speaking it is for celebrations. We’ve worked alongside many businesses to supply them with cakes featuring their branding for many occasions, whether it’s one of our whole cakes, or cake cards, we have helped many companies create fabulous gifts for celebrations.

Here are a few of the projects we have worked on:

British Airways – Back in 2019 we partnered with British Airways to help them celebrate their Centenary! They chose to go with Baby Sponge Cakes that could be handed out to some lucky customers and staff. These weren’t just any ordinary Baby Sponges, the cake inside was our delicious Victoria Baby Sponge Cake, but box around each individual baby sponge was a bespoke branded box with their Centenary logo on top and in their brand colours. This wasn’t the first time we worked with British Airways either, we’ve worked together with them on several branding projects over the years.

Nespresso – We've worked with Nespresso for many years to help them celebrate staff birthdays. It’s a little gift they send to make their employees feel even more appreciated on their special day. We add bespoke edible photo toppers to their cakes, featuring their logo and a happy birthday message. It really makes a great gift for their employees to enjoy when it’s their birthday.

Fat Face – We worked together with Fat Face to create wonderful branded cakes to send at Christmas as a thank you for all of the hard work their employees had put in to the business. Just like with Nespresso, we printed bespoke edible cake toppers with the Fat Face logo on top and put them on top of cakes, then we sent them out to specified locations for their employees to enjoy.

Pets at Home – We worked with Pets at Home to create some wonderful Cake Card fronts for their occasion. They felt that Cake Cards would work best for this as they wanted to send out a large number of branded cakes to individuals. So, with their branded card front they were able to also include a couple of slices of delicious cake inside the card and we sent them to their recipient list.

We’ve partnered with many companies to create bespoke branded cakes, and Cake Cards for them including, Tiger, Cath Kidston, Lloyds bank, and British Gas, just to name a few. So, if you’re looking to create some great branded gifts for an event, special occasion, or as a gifting option, get in touch with us to chat about what we can create for your company.

We have lots of options to choose from when it comes to corporate gifting, if you are looking for some cakes to enjoy in the office without branding, why not check out our Office Cake Box or our Office Party Box; two great choices for celebrations in your workplace.