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Corporate Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of cake this Christmas

The festive period is approaching quickly, and everyone has been working so hard this year to bounce back from last year. This year hasn’t all been plain sailing either but it’s definitely been somewhat of an improvement. Christmas is all about giving back to those who have worked so hard for us, whether they are friends, family, or even colleagues, or customers, it’s the time of year to show them that you appreciate them and all they do.

Quite often at Christmas sending a small gift is the best way to say thank you to them. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, the simplest things go a long way. However, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to get someone, you might not want to buy them anything that could clutter up their home. So, why not get them an edible gift that they will thoroughly enjoy.

We have a great range of goodies that are ideal to send to clients and colleagues as a special thank you for using your service, or working hard to keep the business going through this past year. Here are some of the wonderful Christmas Gifts options we have available:

Celebration Boxes – This is the perfect gift to send to anyone. Our celebration packs come with two different drinks options - a mini bottle of Prosecco or two cans of Belvoir sparkling water - raspberry lemonade and elderflower Presse. Also included is four Baby Sponge Cakes - choice of traditional, quirky, gluten free, or vegan flavours, four poppers, two balloons, two paper party hats, and a personalised greetings card.

Cake Cards – Our Cake Cards are the perfect gifts if you’re looking for something to send to a lot of different people. Cake Cards are affordable for any budget and they are what the name describes. You get to choose a wonderful card design (or create your own with our Photo Card option), write a personalised message and add a slice or two of delicious cake inside along with some extra goodies to make it extra special.

Christmas Range – If you’re really looking to wow people this year then check out our Christmas Gifts page. We have created lots of delicious Christmas inspired treats that will go down well with anyone that receives them. From our new Trifle Sponge Cake, to our Christmas Pinata Cake, we have lots of surprising and delicious options to choose from.

If you’re looking for some goodies for the office Christmas party, we have some great options for that too:

Cakes for the Office

Our office cake box and office cake party pack are a great way to bring the team together on a Friday afternoon, meeting or perhaps a special occasion such as a birthday or company anniversary! Our packages feed up to 30 people with our popular Sharing Sponge Cake and Baby Sponge Cakes.

Office Cake Box - Super Sharing Sponge - 14 different flavours on one cake! 16 baby sponges, 15 x Birchall Tea Sachets, 15 x Little Coffee sachets and Napkins.

Office Party Pack - Super Sharing Sponge - 14 different flavours on one cake! 16 baby sponges, 15 x Birchall Tea Sachets, 15 x Little Coffee sachets, Paper party hats, Table sparkles, Party poppers and 12 Balloons.

We deliver our cakes all over the UK, so whether you are sending a small gift to your client, or are ordering some cakes for the office Christmas party, we can deliver your cakes wherever you need them to go.