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Cakes for the Office

Share some delicious cakes with colleagues

If you work in an office or workplace with lots of employees, you’ll find that it feels like there is a birthday almost every day! On top of that, there are often other events going on too, like work anniversaries, and company celebrations! And we’ll tell you something if you like to make sure all of your employees or colleagues can be involved and get a treat on these days, that means there’s a lot of cake to be had.

Cake is a must-have for any occasion, and we have a lot of choices. But rather than you having to order lots of individual cakes to make sure you have an option for everyone we have created a wonderful package especially for office events!

Office Cake Box

Our office cake box and office cake party pack are a great way to bring the team together on a Friday afternoon, meeting, or perhaps a special occasion such as a birthday or company anniversary! Our packages feed up to 30 people – it includes our popular Sharing Sponge Cake and 16 Baby Sponge Cakes with 15 x Birchall Tea Sachets, 15 x Little Coffee sachets, and Napkins.

Office Party Box

If you’re throwing a party, then our office party box is for you with lots of goodies that give you a party in a box. This package includes our fabulous Super Sharing Sponge Cake and 16 Baby Sponge Cakes with 15 x Birchall Tea Sachets, 15 x Little Coffee sachets, Paper party hats, Table sparkles, Party poppers, and 12 Balloons.

The best bit about our packages is the variety of flavours available – Our Super Sharing Cake is wonderful when you can’t decide on one flavour, or just want a variety of cake flavours to keep everyone happy. Our Super Sharing Sponge has one wedge of each of our most popular flavours - Carrot, Bakewell, Chocolate, Victoria, Lemon, Coffee, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet, Sticky Toffee, Rocky Road, Millionaires, Apple Crumble, Chocolate Orange, and Chocolate & Caramel.

With the Baby Sponge Cakes you get a choice of the 16 Baby Sponge Cakes;

Traditional Baby Sponge Cakes - Four of each of our Traditional baby sponges: Lemon, Victoria, Coffee and Chocolate.

Quirky Baby Sponge Cakes - Four of each of our quirky baby sponges: Carrot, Chocolate Orange, Bakewell and Apple Crumble.

Traditional & Quirky Baby Sponge Cakes - Two each of Lemon, Victoria, Coffee, Chocolate, Apple Crumble, Chocolate Orange, Carrot and Sticky Toffee.

So, there’s plenty of cake to go around and plenty of choice in flavour to keep lots of people in your office happy.

If you require cakes to suit dietary requirements so everyone can enjoy a bit of cake, we also have lots of options for gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, and vegan cakes. Our gluten free cakes, and vegan cakes are available in our standard Baby Sponge Boxes, so you could order one of these along with your office cake box so everyone’s requirements are catered for.