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Cake Gift Vouchers

Send your loved one or friend a gift voucher for cake!

What to buy? Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you are trying to figure out what to get for someone you love. Perhaps you’ve found something but there are a few options to choose between and you’re struggling to decide between those. You may find it’s taking far too long to decide and you are going around in circles and not coming to a final decision.

You may find the same thing with buying a cake, especially when there are so many flavours to choose from. It might be that you have a cake in mind, but if you don’t it can be extremely difficult to make a decision.

If you know you want to get them a delicious cake but aren’t sure what flavour or type to get them, why not send them a gift voucher for a cake instead?

Our Cake Gift Vouchers are the perfect solution – just pick the type of Sponge Cake you would like to gift to someone – perhaps a baby cake gift box or a Sponge Cake for 8, then they can choose their favourite flavour and pick the delivery date.

We will send the details of the gift voucher out in the post to the lucky recipient in a personalised gift card to match the occasion. They can then choose their flavours and delivery date on our website and use their voucher code at the checkout! It's a piece of cake!